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On a recent trip to Gili Nanggu, on the southeastern coast of Lombok, my daughter waded out into the waters of a shallow bay at twilight, sending ripples outward in the warmth of an equatorial summer evening...


Looks all good now. I've featured the photo! :)

Posted by Peter – 06-Nov-12 @ 23:41

Not sure what is happening. I definitely added it to the "location" field. Let me try again.

Posted by JamieWoodall – 06-Nov-12 @ 19:34

Hi Jamie, it needs to be entered in the "location" field when editing your photo. At the moment, the info is there in the description, but it's still not geotagged right until the location field is filled out. Thanks!

Posted by Peter – 06-Nov-12 @ 19:31

Done... Thank you!

Posted by JamieWoodall – 06-Nov-12 @ 18:52

Hi Jamie, nice photo :) Can you add edit the photo and add the location information? Otherwise it won't end up being featured which would be a shame.

Posted by Peter – 06-Nov-12 @ 16:59

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