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the Bridge

Most recognizable bridge disappears in heave fog.

Intermission , USA



Posted by hoathanh – 04-Mar-13 @ 02:11

amazing photograph..

Posted by takumar74 – 28-Nov-12 @ 22:59

Awesome! where can I see it?

Posted by artem.kevorkov – 20-Nov-12 @ 21:55

Thanks! It's now featured.

Posted by Peter – 20-Nov-12 @ 21:54

Done, added location:)

Posted by artem.kevorkov – 20-Nov-12 @ 21:52

Hi artem, cool shot. Can you edit the photo and fill out the location field? Otherwise it won't end up being featured which would be a shame.

Posted by Peter – 20-Nov-12 @ 21:35

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