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"Mount Musa is 7,495 feet (2,285 meters) high. It is not he highest peak in the Sinai, That distinction, as well as the highest in Egypt, belongs to nearby Mount Catherine, which is 8652 feet (2637 meters) high. Visitors to Mount Musa may climb it using several routes. The shortest route, known as Siket Syidna Musa, is a steep stairway consisting of 3,750 steps, known as the "steps of penitence", that were hewn out of stone by the monks of St. Catherine's Monastery, located at the northeastern foot of the mountain, and enclosing what is traditionally thought to be the Burning Bush. However, this route may not be climbed at night, actually when most people Standing on the summit of Mount Sinai ascend the mountain in order to arrive at the peak for the sunrise."


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