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The Ram Ghat by Arunava Star this if you like it!

This is "Ram Ghat" and the buildings surrounding it. It is located near the Harsiddhi Temple and was built by the Raja of Jaipur. The ghat comes alive during the Ramnavami Mela held on the 9th day of Chaitra. Hindus take a bath early in the morning and worship Lord Ram in the neighboring temple. There is a very interesting thing that I would want you to note. You will notice in the photograph that a large number of buildings - especially in the upper tiers - have broken walls. These are the rudimentary but creditable efforts by the municipal officials to control unrestrained and unauthorized construction in the Ghats. In many instance, old architecturally significant buildings have been altered and changed by the builders to build more and more hotels for tourists. After-all, tourism is the major money-spinner in Banaras. The municipal officials in one go had 'brought down' a few hundred illegal and unsafe constructions or reduced to size many unauthorized 'extensions' that many hotels had made.


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