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Dueling Horses

Travel Photography Featured travel photos Dueling Horses

Dueling Horses

Riders fight to gain possession of a goatskin in a Kazakh game call kokbar similar to rugby but played on horseback at the inaugural festival in Ogli western Mongolia


Thanks for your positive comments guys I really appreciate them. I was well chuffed when I found out I had been selected as one of the final images in the competition. There are a lot of other superb images in there but I would love to get into the final 3 at least. Only time will tell.


Posted by beyondthe – 04-Dec-13 @ 02:13

I love the movement in this photo, very dramatic. Surely you are on a winner here!

Posted by carolinebailey – 04-Dec-13 @ 01:15

amazing, such a good photograph. Love how you captured the action through the rays. This has the potential to be published

Posted by Brighterside – 25-Nov-13 @ 02:37

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