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Raki - the Turkish version of Sambuca!

Travel Photography Featured Travel Photos of Turkey Raki - the Turkish version of Sambuca!

Raki - the Turkish version of Sambuca!

This milky white liquid smells like liquorice, and tastes just like sambuca - although its milky appearance is a little off-putting... you are supposed to take a sip of Raki, then a sip of water to wash it down. At least its nicer than Turkish wine (which is like nailpolish remover!)

Demirtaş , Turkey


hey! u got the wine in the wrong place, ? think or u didnot have the pleasure of drinking wine!!for the second time if u come to Cappadocia find Sirios Cafe & Bar/ Wine House in ürgüp(PRokopi) ;this is the right place to taste the delicious Turkish Wine. Cappadocia is very popular with its fertile vineyards!!
Try it.

Posted by ayscha – 25-Dec-08 @ 09:12

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