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Mtn biking at 7 mile reserve

Travel Photography Photos taken by Dodger Mtn biking at 7 mile reserve

Mtn biking at 7 mile reserve

Boydtown , New Zealand


Thanks for the comments guys! nice to know someone apreciates all the work that went into making that photo. I took it of me using the timer, so I had to find a level spot for the camera and set the timer, then run to get on the bike and balance on a log that had a huge drop off on one side and hope I could balance long enough for the timer to go off. you should have seen all the other pics of me falling off!

Posted by Dodger – 09-Jul-08 @ 13:33

interesting how black and white dominates the winners this month.

Posted by daveh – 09-Jul-08 @ 09:40

This is a great shot indeed. I wonder why it didn't end up much higher!

Posted by Sam I Am – 08-Jul-08 @ 08:04

Should had been the winner...

Posted by LuisDafos – 08-Jul-08 @ 04:19

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