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Peggy's Cove - Nova Scotia

Travel Photography Featured Travel Photos of Canada Peggy's Cove - Nova Scotia

Peggy's Cove - Nova Scotia


Hi Sarah

I would be honoured .. although I'm guessing there are a lot of others more worthy around

Email my address .. I'll check my EHD's .. I'll have it somewhere

Posted by Midworlder – 10-Sep-09 @ 22:22

I just love this picture so so much!
I was wondering if you have the original pic, so i can print it out and frame it in my room? The clip on here obviously doesnt have enough resolution. If you dont want to I understand. I'm not wanting to use your picture for any public use or anything...just personal. Thanks! Sarah Benson

Posted by sarah ben – 10-Sep-09 @ 17:01

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