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I'm taking a random guess that I was 4 here... but not really sure. Anyway, I have since learned to eat in a slightly more decent fashion...


Haha, only a few people in the world probably remember me looking like that!! There weren't that many Travellerspoint members down in the Solomons in those days :) Looking at the picture again, I'm thinking I was probably 3 or younger actually, but it's still a funny shot. Reminds me of Malia at dinner sometimes!

Posted by Sam I Am – 02-Oct-07 @ 10:35

i remember you looking just like that !!!

I was showing your site toa friend and came across these photos !

Guess what , for the first time i have uploaded photos to a site............ yours !!
love Kate

Posted by katem – 02-Oct-07 @ 07:25

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