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Ephesus by Kevrekidis Star this if you like it!

Ephesus lies beside Selcuk and Kusadasi in Asia Minor (Anatolia), Turkey. It was an ancient Greek city in the region known as Ionia during the Classical period.


According to myth, Ephesus was founded by Androklos, the son of the Athenian King Kadros (Codrus), and a mixed population from Athens, Samos and Aetolia. When they went there they found a pre-existent settlement built by Lelegians and Carians or Lydians. The Greek colonists drove the natives out of the upper city but did not harm those living around the sanctuary. They identified the goddess of the natives with Artemis and founded the first fortified position. Around 550 BC, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Temple of Artemis (Greek: Artemision) was built.

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