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Sarah--just a day old

Montreal Golden Square Mile , Canada


ahhh , she's very cute !! Congratulations !!

Posted by Rraven – 23-Oct-09 @ 01:23

Aw, cute. A real little angel, at least as long as she sleeps I suppose. :-P

Congrats to you both.

Posted by t_maia – 22-Oct-09 @ 22:56

Congratulations Tina... now get back to work! Joke!!!

Posted by zaksame – 22-Oct-09 @ 02:45

What a little cutiepie! Congrats to you both!

Posted by Sam I Am – 22-Oct-09 @ 02:04

Congrats Tway! Make sure she becomes a TP member soon...:)

Posted by Utrecht – 22-Oct-09 @ 00:44

What a nice head of hair she has already :) Very cute!

Posted by Peter – 21-Oct-09 @ 19:38

Aww, that's awesome Tina! Congrats!

Posted by dr.pepper – 21-Oct-09 @ 17:10

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