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TP London Meetup, October 2009

Travel Photography Photos taken by soupatrvlr TP London Meetup, October 2009

TP London Meetup, October 2009

Lee, Greg, Holly, Sam & Hien enjoying pre-dinner drinks at Beaujolais

London Borough of Lambeth , United Kingdom


Come on, we're a chummy bunch! We all just got closer as the night went on. It had nothing to do with beer or multiple bottles of wine. Nothing!

Posted by soupatrvlr – 28-Oct-09 @ 02:59

Well, that certainly is one happy group of TP'ers ...

Posted by Peter – 27-Oct-09 @ 15:54

Okay - Greg and Sam are looking to chummy there. How many beers had they consumed by this time?? Inquiring minds want to know! And are Hien and Sam holding hands??? Wow - you guys are wild!!

Posted by Isadora – 27-Oct-09 @ 14:01

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