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Petronas Twin Towers

Travel Photography Featured Travel Photos of Malaysia Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers

Bandar Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia


Yeah cool shot Hien, caught my attention!

Posted by Brendan – 12-Dec-06 @ 15:57

Yup, that's the moon. It was 2 days to fullmoon. :)

Posted by Hien – 12-Dec-06 @ 10:05

Oh Hien, this is a fantastc shot really cool!

Posted by Purdy – 12-Dec-06 @ 09:05

Hien, is that the moon on the left? Either way, cool shot!! And I see it's been featured; congrats :)

Posted by Sam I Am – 12-Dec-06 @ 03:28

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