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IMG_9158 by kostlin Star this if you like it!

Ko Phangan , Thailand


thank you very much for the advice!im heading to koh tao after koh phangan

Jangie 6y

It would be best to check the weather as well as the news about those islands before you actually go there. Right now we have some heavy rain and floods in the southern part of Thailand. So, you might want to wait until the rain goes!

kostlin 6y

Hi guys,

Sorry, that isn't Koh Phangan, my bad. Its actual Nang Yuan, an island just off Koh Tao.
I prefer Koh Tao to Koh Phangan by a looooong way. But it depends what you looking for really.
Have fun

im planning on going to ko phangan for a week after bangkok and koh samui how did you rate it?

Jangie 7y

Nice picture! Hopefully I will get to go there in December this year.

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