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Nancy Botwin Barcelona by Nancy Botwin

Hi! Call me Nancy Botwin, me & my boys have formed a team to make it possible for every stonehead that visits Barcelona to feel like at home (or even better) by being able to smoke the best strains, hash, ice-o and all kind of extracts! The security to know that during your vacation you will be able to choose everyday between dozens of cannabical products, to very reasonable prices and TOTALLY LEGAL we think is the most important and untill not long ago a dream in Spain! Legal situation in Barcelona In the last two years in Barcelona it has been tolerated to open cannabis clubs in which you can buy and smoke our favourite plant if you are a member. That’s the main difference with the Amsterdam model, in which the selling points are basically shops. In Barcelona a more associative model has been aplicated in which you have to pay a quote AND be recommended by an existing member to become a member. That’s the inconvenient, but there is a interesting list of pros: much cheaper prices than in Holland, better facilities (clubs with 800m2 with everything you can imagine!) and especially much more confortable ambiences in which to chill, know people or plan the rest of the day…or the next lol! Also, the quote is not important when you take in consideration the high prices in the illegal black market on the streets & the legal and security problems it can involve to buy cannabis ilegally. That’s why me & my team, all year long active in the local cannabis milieu, have set up this project in which we offer from information, to memberships in several clubs, tours to visit several and even VIP services like delivery and more! Enjoy the options Barcelona has to offer to you cannabically in a total secure, legal and friendly way!


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