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SIM Cards Guide

Home SIM Cards Guide

Select a country from the list below to see the SIM Cards available. The list shows countries where we can offer local SIM Cards through one of our partners, without failure the cheapest option if you are planning to travel to one country for a longer period. If you are planning to visit a few countries and not spend as long in each, you might want to consider a multi-country SIM Card instead. You can read more about the options on our International Prepaid Sim Cards page.


Australia   Fiji   French Polynesia   New Zealand  


Austria   Belgium   Croatia   Czech Republic   Estonia   Finland   France   Germany   Greece   Hungary   Ireland   Italy   Lithuania   Netherlands   Norway   Poland   Portugal   Russia   Spain   Sweden   Switzerland   Ukraine   United Kingdom  


China   Hong Kong   India   Malaysia   Pakistan   Philippines   Singapore   Sri Lanka   Thailand   Vietnam  

South America

Argentina   Brazil   Cayman Islands  

North America

Canada   Mexico   USA  

Middle East

Afghanistan   Israel   Jordan   Kuwait   Saudi Arabia   State of Palestine   Turkey  

Central America

Aruba   Bahamas   Barbados   Belize   Grenada   Jamaica   Saint Lucia   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  


Egypt   Kenya   South Africa   Tanzania   Uganda  

Calling Cards

For those not interested in travelling with a mobile, calling cards are a great way to call home cheaply. Consider these benefits:

  • Save up to 70% on international calls
  • Make calls from over 150 countries worldwide
  • No sign-up or monthly fees
  • Toll-free access numbers
  • Pay in advance or pay later
  • And much more...

We've compared two popular calling cards to illustrate some benefits. Visit the International Calling Cards page for details. Or visit both providers directly to compare for yourself.