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Hi, I was born, lived and always visit Africa that is Uganda.Africa is a very big unique continent and I have many friends from various countries in Africa. When you choose a place to visit in Africa trust me you will not regreat it because countries like Uganda in Africa has alot to offer that is very unique from what you have seen and experienced in other continents. So you can ask me anything you wanna know especially a bout Uganda I may be of help to you.

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Hi, I have lived in Uganda almost all my life, I have travelled too many countries but what is so special with Uganda is the natural beauty, wildlife, hospitality(social life) of the people, culture, all year sun, fresh fruits and foods, just make a wish!. I have assisted many students from Norway while visiting and studying in Uganda and trust me they all agree that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa as Sir Churchhill Winston described Uganda. Trust me you will live and love it especially in the central part (very Peacefull). We can assist you as I give information as an Insider and my husband as an outsider.

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Hi I have lived in Norway in Trondheim for 4 years now and my husband has lived here all his life. Trondheim is a beautiful city with alot to offer. I live and love it here. If you like snow-activities,scenary Norway is the place to be in vinter and If you enjoying social activities, sunbathing and beautiful scenary still Norway is the place to be in sommer.

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