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  • Full Name: Octavio Ortiz ( 33 / Male )
  • Lives In: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  • Citizenship: Mexico
  • Previous Name (ie Maiden): Octavio
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Med Student
  • About ooctavioo:

    Love to travel, meet people from other cultures and get invoulucrated with their lifestyles.. Me, Med Student ! So so so.. Hum.. Social and Colored (I mean about personnality not his outift!) A little straight acting, Octavio, It's the man of the situation! Psychanalist from birth, He's looking at you 30 seconds and he knows how you feel inside and what you live and live it with you.He has much to tell about his adventures, more ridiculous and dumb than any others, you'd die of laughing. He also had many heavy and difficults life challenges he had to pass trough, which has built his precious personnality. He doesn't fear the ridiculous, he's eating some, he's SMOKING SOME!! Considering himself as an insane in the brain NEWTIME Crazy, He's addicted to fun, laugh, he always has a word, a riddle, a story, a comment. You don't like him? Well he probably loves you anyways! Yell at him, try to piss him off, He doesn't give a fuck! He will probably say hello to you next time he sees you. Our lil-cutie in not a "Shit-Maker" or a melodrama. He has his own way to love life and know how to appreciate what earth's giving him everydays, beeing one of the rare to still take the time to look up at the sky to watch the stars or the sunset and he's not scared to tell it.

  • Favourite places:

    absolutely...RIO DE JANEIROOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trip Stats

Brazil February 2006

31 Jan 2006 - 28 Feb 2006

Visiting: Brazil.

Canada April 2005

31 Mar 2005 - 30 Apr 2005

Visiting: Canada.

Vatican City July 2004

30 Jun 2004

Visiting: Vatican City.

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Want to know what cities you cant miss in Mexico? want the cheapest and best places to stay? want to know how to move in the city? want to know about websites that could help you? want to know about the best way to travel between cities in Mexico ( cheap airlines wich are faster than bus, i can give you the website page for you to make your reservation )....and of course, lets not forget about fun, nightlife, adventures, beachplaces, culture, lifestyle, i will do my best to help is for me a pleasure to know people from other places...i also have accomodation for you in GUADALAJARA where i live...come and drink Tequila !!!

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