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Our goals and objectives and who is behind it.

What we do

Travellerspoint is one of the web's largest and most active travel communities with members representing every country in the world.

More than 30,000 blogs have shared 175,000 stories to date and over 1.4 million photos have been posted. Our forums and travel helpers answer numerous travel-related questions 365 days of the year. We also have over 50,000 accommodation booking options available on the site.

If you're thinking about travelling soon or ready to plan your trip - Travellerspoint is where your journey begins.

How Travellerspoint started

We first discussed the idea for Travellerspoint in a MSN Messenger session in the middle of 2002, while Samuel was living in the Netherlands and Peter was living in Australia. What started as a mere discussion turned into serious planning: just three months later we launched Travellerspoint. Amazed, we found our humble little website turning into a rapidly growing travel community, getting great reviews and attracting thousands of new members.

What was our plan when we started? Good question, looking back now, we didn't really have one. We just had an idea and felt it was a good one. We were travellers who had travelled, met people, lost contact with those same people and who wanted a site where you could track down old travel mates. It was a simple idea, but it grew into much more than a "find lost travel friends" site. It became a Travel Community with several complementing services designed to assist travellers at all stages of their trip.

A few months after launching the site, we finally sat down and drafted our Goals and Objectives and they have been the same ever since. We realised our main focus was on people and the experience of travelling. This has never changed, and Travellerspoint today is about the same things it has always been about: people, and the experiences, memories, emotions and feelings which are created whilst travelling. We continue to try and create a structure in which members can share these with each other.

So, that's us, how we started out and how we have continued since those days. What the future brings, we don't know....but we hope it has something to do with travelling!

Peter and Samuel

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