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Many hotels and resorts are located adjacent to the beaches or in the capital city of Hamilton

Bermuda is a unique place - a series of islands divided into nine parishes or "tribes" which are named after the great gentlemen “adventurers”. This is important to recognize since virtually every attraction, restaurant and hotel is located by its parish name. Bermuda is also unique in that visitors cannot rent cars. You get around on the bus and ferry system or you can rent a small motorcycle or a tiny two seat electric car. The parishes are listed below.

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St George's Parish

St George's Parish

St George's Parish includes the town of St. George. St. George's Parish is named after the founder of the Bermuda colony, Admiral Sir George Somers. The Shakespeare play "The Tempest" is based on the adventures of Sir George Somers.

St. George was the second English town established in the New World (after Jamestown, Virginia). Historic St. George Town, the first capital of Bermuda is now a National Heritage site.

St. George's also includes the island of St. David's. St. David's Island, and Cooper's Island, and Longbird Island became a single, contiguous landmass during the Second World War construction of what is now L.F. Wade International Airport. If you fly into Bermuda you will arrive on St. David's Island in St. George's Parish.

Attractions in St George's Parish

Popular accommodation in St George's Parish

Nea's Alley

Aunt Nea's Inn

6 Rose Hill, St George's Parish

The Saint George's Club

16 Turkey Hill

Paradise Cottage

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Hamilton Parish

Hamilton Parish

Hamilton Parish which does NOT include the city of Hamilton and does include Tuckers town which isn't really a town.

Hamilton Parrish is just south of St George and is on the north side of Harrington Sound. In 1623, adventurer Captain John Smith, famous in American, Bermudian and British history, encountered many spooky caves in this Parish. It has deep water limestone caves, with subterranean passages. Altogether, there are 10 accessible caves in Bermuda that have sea water pools with a maximum depth of 80 feet given tidal variations. Most are in this Parish.

Attractions in Hamilton Parish

Popular accommodation in Hamilton Parish

11 Blue Hole Hill, Hamilton Parish

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

4 Channel View Lane, Hamilton Parish

Sunset Paradise Oceanview

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Smiths Parish

Smiths Parish

If you want to go to Flatts Village and the BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo) you come to Smiths.

Smiths Parish is between Pembroke Parish (Hamilton - the current capital city of Bermuda) and St. George's Parish (the first settlement and old capital). Some of the railway walking trail is in Smiths Parish. Smiths Parish has sea frontage on the South and North shores and southern side of the inland lake of Harrington Sound. Verdmont, the original home of the customs inspector for Bermuda is in Smiths Parish on Collector's Hill. Also in Smiths Parish is Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Popular accommodation in Smiths Parish

Harrington Hundreds Road

Harrin-Ridge - Perfect Location with Water Views and onsite Ocean Access

116 South Road Smith

The Loren at Pink Beach

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Pembroke Parish

Pembroke Parish

Pembroke Parish includes the capital city of Hamilton. Pembroke Parish is centrally located on Main Island. It has North Shore and Hamilton Harbor sea frontage. The City of Hamilton, a port city, has been the capital and administrative, commercial, entertainment and shopping center of Bermuda since 1815. In addition to the capital city of Hamilton, Black Watch Pass, Fort Hamilton and Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) are in Pembroke Parish

Attractions in Pembroke Parish

Popular accommodation in Pembroke Parish

61 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton City

Rosedon Hotel

20 Woodbourne Avenue

Oxford House

76 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton City

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club A Fairmont Managed Hotel

24 Rosemont Avenue, Hamilton City

Royal Palms Hotel

30 Princess Estate Road, Pembroke Parish

Windsong Guest Apartments

13 Hill Crescent Pembroke

Lemon and Ginger

22 Richmond road

Bermuda Sailors home

36 Rosemont Ave, Hamilton City

Edgehill Manor Guest House

8 First Avenue

Cavendish Heights Suites

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Devonshire Parish

Devonshire Parish

Devonshire Parish has the Arboretum. Devonshire Parish is on Main Island. North, Middle and South Roads transit this parish. Parts of Devonshire Marsh are sightseeing attractions for naturalists.

Popular accommodation in Devonshire Parish

4 Look Out Lane North Shore

Frognal Apartment

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Paget Parish

Paget Parish

Paget Parish has the Botanical Garden and Camden House, the official Premier's residence. Paget Parish is on Bermuda's South, Middle and Harbour Roads.

Popular accommodation in Paget Parish

10 Tankfield Lane

Wild Bird Cottage

27 Harbour Road, Paget Parish

Newstead Belmont Hills Golf Resort & Spa

3 Stonington Circle South Shore Road, Paget Parish

Coco Reef Bermuda

35 White Sands Road

Beach Walk Cottage

White Sand's Road Studio (lower)

Beach Walk Studio

17 Salt Kettle Road

Greenbank Guest House

Middle Road 1, Paget Parish

Fourways Inn

Coral Beach & Tennis Club, 34 South Rd, PG04, Bermuda

Coral Beach and Tennis Club

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Warwick Parish

Warwick Parish

Warwick Parish is best known for its pink sand beaches. Warwick Parish was named after one of Bermuda's Elizabethan patrons, Robert Rich, second Earl of Warwick (1587-1658). This association with the central English county and town of Warwick is overlooked by visitors unless they are from Warwickshire in England or Warwick in Rhode Island, USA. Because the Earl of Warwick never visited, early settlers had their own pet name for the Tribe. They called it Heron Bay because it then had significance to shipping and many herons congregated there. The northern side of the Parish was more important than the south because the early settlers didn't swim.

Popular accommodation in Warwick Parish

2 Hillview Lane

7 Arches

73 Harbour Road Watercolours


1 Sandy Mount lane, Warwick Parish

Sandpiper Apartments

93 South Road, Warwick

Blue Horizons Guest House

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Southampton Parish

Southampton Parish

This parish has Gibb's Lighthouse. In addition to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, a lot of the south shore beaches are in Southampton Parish

Attractions in Southampton Parish

Popular accommodation in Southampton Parish

101 South Shore Rd, Southampton Parish

Fairmont Southampton

1 Prism Heights


36 Pompano Beach RD, Southampton

Pompano Beach Club

4 Fairmont Drive

Southern Views

3 Pompano Lane, Southampton, Bermuda SB 03

Bermuda Connections Guest House

1 East Avenue, Southampton, Bermuda

My Little Bungalow

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Sandys Parish

Sandys Parish

Sandys Parish includes Somerset Village and the Royal Navy Dockyard (aka Kings Wharf) which is on Ireland Island. Sandys Parish is at the other end of Bermuda from St. George's Island. This is where visitors that come by cruise ship usually arrive. In addition to the beaches, the National Museum of Bermuda, there is the Clocktower shopping mall, the Cooperage which houses the Bermuda Craft Market, and Fort St. Catherine

Popular accommodation in Sandys Parish

30 Kings Point Road, Sandys Parish

Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa

9A Farmstead Lane, Sandys, Bermuda SB-01

Flutter By

Ground Level Apartment, 4 Phillpot's Hill Drive, Sandy' SB04

Pauls Oceanview with Amazing Sunsets

126 Somsert Road

Willowbank Resort

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