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Price Snapshot for Jericoacoara, Brazil

$10 - $32

Budget range (bottom 25%)


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What are these prices?

We analysed all the minimum prices for accommodation in Jericoacoara. The prices are for the cheapest room / bed available for a one night's stay. Prices are shown in US Dollars. The chart gives an idea of what accommodation price distribution is like in Jericoacoara. You can use it to work out what is considered cheap for Jericoacoara and what is considered expensive.

Rua do Forro, 455

Espaço Nova Era Pousada

Rua da Dunas


Rua das Dunas, s/n

Villa Alegria - La Villa Group

Rua das Dunas s/n

Araxá Pousada

Rua do Forro sn

Rox Hotel

Rua do Ibama, S/N

Casa Fufi

Rua Ismael

My Blue Hotel

Rua da Dunas

Star Hotel

Rua Principal s/n

Vila Bijupira Jeri Suites

Rua do Forró S/N Lote A 10

Pousada Windjeri

Rua Sao Francisco, s/n

Hotel Sao Francisco

Rua das Dunas 77A

Jeri Hotel

Rua das Dunas s/n

Samba do Kite Pousada

Rua Nova Jeri S/N

La Villa Praia - La Villa Group

Rua do Forró

Hotel Villa Terra Viva

Rua do Forro

Hotel Villa Beija Flor

Rua do Forro S/N

Kanaloa Pousada

Rua do Forro, s/n

Hurricane Jeri Gardens