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Price Snapshot for Chengde, China

$5 - $22

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We analysed all the minimum prices for accommodation in Chengde. The prices are for the cheapest room / bed available for a one night's stay. Prices are shown in US Dollars. The chart gives an idea of what accommodation price distribution is like in Chengde. You can use it to work out what is considered cheap for Chengde and what is considered expensive.



No.1Bifengmen East Rd,Shuangqiao District

Chengde Imperial Mountain Resort

Budget Option

4-1-801, Taifeng Shidaicheng 2.0, Shuangluan District

Apartment near Chengde Mountain Resort

Budget Option

Room 409, Unit 5, Building 2, Cuixingyuan Community, Shidongzigou Road

Nice Two Bedroom With Air Condition Near Puning Temple

Cao Shanzi, Gangfang Village, Bakshiying Town, Luanping County (Exit of Jinshanling Service Area)

Baoshan Farmhouse (Near Jinshanlin Scenic Spot Great Wall Watching Sunrise and Sunset)

Budget Option

No.6 Wulie Rd, Shuangqiao District

Chengde Ziyu International Holiday Hotel

No.96 Binhe Street

Chengde Imperial Palace Hotel

Xinjuzhai, Chezhan Rd

Chengde Huilong Tower Hotel

Budget Option

Room 202, Unit 3, Jiaowei Building, Shengfu East Street, Nanxinglong, Shuangqiao District

300 Meters from Summer Resort Apartment

Room 108, Unit 4, Building 5, Kuifuyuan Community, Wulie Road

Apartment near Train Station and Rainbow

Budget Option

No. A1, Zisai Taoyuan Community, Huancheng South Road, Shuangqiao District, Chengde, Hebei

Jinjiang Inn Chengde Railway Station

Budget Option

Building 1&2, Nanxing Garden Street Community

Near Summer Resort Apartment

Budget Option

No.106,107 Block 4 Yuhua Road Shuangqiao District

Chengde First Met Hostel

Budget Option

East Side of Chengxin Dading, Central Avenue, Shuagluan District

Thank Inn Chain Hotel Hebei Chengde Shuangluan District Central Avenue

Budget Option

No.37 Chezhan Road East of Railway Station Square Shuangqiao District Chengde

7Days Inn Chengde Railway Station

Budget Option

No.7-5 Lizhengmen Street Shuangqiao District

Hanting Express Chengde Bishu Shanzhuang

Budget Option

Langhua Real Estate, 100 Meters Left to North Sancha Kou, Shuangluan District

GreenTree Inn Chengde Shuangluan District Xinhui Wan Business Hotel

Budget Option

Block S3-3, Xingsheng Lishui, 2rd Section, Shuangqiao District

Chengde Yunshe Inn QingChuifeng Branch