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Price Snapshot for Guilin, China

$3 - $21

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What are these prices?

We analysed all the minimum prices for accommodation in Guilin. The prices are for the cheapest room / bed available for a one night's stay. Prices are shown in US Dollars. The chart gives an idea of what accommodation price distribution is like in Guilin. You can use it to work out what is considered cheap for Guilin and what is considered expensive.

Budget Option

No.5 Shan Hu North Road

Li River Hotel Guilin

111 Huan Cheng Bei Er Road, close by East Li River

Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin

Miaomenqian Village,Jiashan Village

HeShe Hotel

No.9 Ronghu Nan Road

Aroma Tea House Former Jing Guan Ming Lou Museum Hotel

Budget Option

1&7 Floor, No.31 E Jiefang Road

Sky Garden Inn

No.1 Shanhu North Road

Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin

Budget Option

No.8,Binjiang Road

Jolie Vue Boutique Hotel Guilin

No.34 Yiren Road

The Wing Hotel Guilin

No.5 Zhu Mu Xiang ,Nan Men Qiao Tou

Riverside Inn Guilin Central

Building 4,No.16,North Rong Hu Road

The White House Hotel Guilin

Budget Option

No.7 Chuanshan Road

Guilin Zizhou Panorama Resort

Unit 2, Building 1, Bishui jiayuan, Binjiang North Road

Green Forest Hotel

No.8 Shi Jia Yuan Road (Near the Exit-Entry office)

Zen Tea House Seven Stars Park

No.58 Lujiacun Village,Taohuajiang Road

The Beyond Villa Guilin

Budget Option

No.2, Yiwu Road

Guilin This Old Place Intl Youth Hostel

No.6 Minzhu Road

Zen Tea House Elephant Trunk Hill Park

No.5 Lingui Road

Memory Inn Guilin Central

No.32 Taohua Road,Lujiacun Village

Secret Courtyard Resort Hotel