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Price Snapshot for Taroudant, Morocco

$28 - $37

Budget range (bottom 25%)


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What are these prices?

We analysed all the minimum prices for accommodation in Taroudant. The prices are for the cheapest room / bed available for a one night's stay. Prices are shown in US Dollars. The chart gives an idea of what accommodation price distribution is like in Taroudant. You can use it to work out what is considered cheap for Taroudant and what is considered expensive.

31 Derb Taffelaght

Riad Tafilag

Route Ouled Aarfa

Riad le Jasmin

Zaouiat Sidi Daoud

Les Trois Paons

Budget Option

Tasoukt Tighzifn

Dar Fatima

Douar Ain Lamdiour

Riad Jnane Ines

Budget Option

243 Av. Al Qods, Derb Jdid

Riad Taroudant

Douar Ouled Rahou Commune Du Freija

Riad Jardin des Orangers

Boutarialt El Barrania

Hotel Dar Zitoune Taroudant

Douar Talaa

Domaine Villa Talaa Resort

73 Derb Akka

Riad Dar Dzahra

Rue Al Kassbah

Dar Tourkia

Zraib - Sisi Mbarek- BP1157 Dar al Hossoun

Dar al Hossoun

Sidi Amara, Village Ghemra, 2km from Taroudant

Kasbah Gousteau

Mahieu Mercenier,BP 887, Oulad Aarfa, Mhaita 83 000, Taroudant

Riad Anma

Douar Ain El M'Diour

Riad Ain Khadra

Avenue Mohamed V Derb Maalem Mohamed

Riad Maryam Taroudant

Borj Oumensour, Toudjent

Palais Oumensour

Route Palais Claudio Bravo

Palais Claudio Bravo