// Function behaves like jquery's document ready (function(funcName, baseObj) { // The public function name defaults to window.docReady // but you can pass in your own object and own function name and those will be used // if you want to put them in a different namespace funcName = funcName || "docReady"; baseObj = baseObj || window; var readyList = []; var readyFired = false; var readyEventHandlersInstalled = false; // call this when the document is ready // this function protects itself against being called more than once function ready() { if (!readyFired) { // this must be set to true before we start calling callbacks readyFired = true; for (var i = 0; i < readyList.length; i++) { // if a callback here happens to add new ready handlers, // the docReady() function will see that it already fired // and will schedule the callback to run right after // this event loop finishes so all handlers will still execute // in order and no new ones will be added to the readyList // while we are processing the list readyList[i].fn.call(window, readyList[i].ctx); } // allow any closures held by these functions to free readyList = []; } } function readyStateChange() { if ( document.readyState === "complete" ) { ready(); } } // This is the one public interface // docReady(fn, context); // the context argument is optional - if present, it will be passed // as an argument to the callback baseObj[funcName] = function(callback, context) { if (typeof callback !== "function") { throw new TypeError("callback for docReady(fn) must be a function"); } // if ready has already fired, then just schedule the callback // to fire asynchronously, but right away if (readyFired) { setTimeout(function() {callback(context);}, 1); return; } else { // add the function and context to the list readyList.push({fn: callback, ctx: context}); } // if document already ready to go, schedule the ready function to run if (document.readyState === "complete") { setTimeout(ready, 1); } else if (!readyEventHandlersInstalled) { // otherwise if we don't have event handlers installed, install them if (document.addEventListener) { // first choice is DOMContentLoaded event document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", ready, false); // backup is window load event window.addEventListener("load", ready, false); } else { // must be IE document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange", readyStateChange); window.attachEvent("onload", ready); } readyEventHandlersInstalled = true; } } })("docReady", window); // Load the map when the dom has loaded docReady(function(){ tp_loadFunctionE7B5CAD3945ED03E38B6F57F677E460A("travellerspoint-map477265_339667") }); var tp_loadFunctionE7B5CAD3945ED03E38B6F57F677E460A=function(badgeid){ var divElem=document.getElementById(badgeid); if(divElem==null){ divElem=document.createElement("div"); divElem.setAttribute("id",badgeid); document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].appendChild(divElem); } divElem.setAttribute("class","map"); var d=document.createElement("div"); d.setAttribute("id","mapInnertravellerspoint-map477265_339667"); d.setAttribute("class","map"); d.setAttribute("style","width:450px;height:300px;"); var m=document.createElement("div"); m.setAttribute("id","maptravellerspoint-map477265_339667"); m.setAttribute("class","map"); m.setAttribute("style","height:100%;width:100%;"); var i=document.createElement("iframe"); i.setAttribute("src","https://www.travellerspoint.com/embed/map_new.cfm/#/embed/477265/339667?triponly"); i.setAttribute("width","100%"); i.setAttribute("height","100%"); i.setAttribute("frameBorder","0"); var firstNode=divElem.childNodes[0]; divElem.insertBefore(d,firstNode); d.appendChild(m); m.appendChild(i); }