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Want to know more? Read on for some of the advanced features your blog will have access to.

Plot your trip

Outline your trip on a map before you go. Your blog entries will automatically be tied to your map. Embed your map in your blog entries to add extra colour to your ramblings.

Add photos and videos

Pictures speak a thousand words. Embed your travel photos into your blog entries and invite your readers into your adventures. Unlimited photo and video uploads ensure your visitors don't miss a thing. You can also embed photos and videos uploaded to other sites like Youtube, Vimeo and Flickr.

Track your visitors

We love knowing who visits our websites and we're sure you will to. Integration with Google Analytics ensures you get access to detailed information about who visited your site, what articles they read and how they got there. Integration with Feedburner allows you to keep an eye on how many subscribers you have.

Make it look good

Choose one of our slick, professionally designed templates, created by some of the best web designers around, including the likes of Cameron Moll, Jon Hicks, Phu Ly and John Oxton. Or if you fancy yourself, use your own custom design.

The list goes on

  • Your own subdomain (https://(yourblog)
  • Submit your entries by email, the feature also known as moblogging
  • 21 languages supported; English, Czech, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Norwegian, Welsh, Estonian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese (traditional and simplified) or get in touch to add support for your language!
  • Let your friends and family comment on your entries, without becoming members
  • Backup your original images so you can retrieve them if your memory card is stolen or lost
  • Add multiple authors to your blog
  • Not keen on prying eyes? Password protect your blog

Perhaps you just need to try it. Starting your own travel blog on Travellerspoint is free!

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