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  • Drunk and sleepy driversTo say our journey to La Paz was quite dramatic is probably an understatement. We'd heard the driving was quite dangerous in places but we hadn't expected a fist fight with the driver while the bus was in motion!... We travelled Posted by ew5827 in From Mexico to who knows where | Feb 11, 2021
  • Not everything is what it seemsSetting off from San Pedro coincidentally we joined up with another French-Canadian couple for the tour, a father and son. First stop was the border from Chile into Bolivia. It wasn't anything more than a shack really, exposed to the Posted by ew5827 in From Mexico to who knows where | Feb 8, 2021
  • The Dizzy Highs and Lows of Bolivia: Pt 2Potosí, Sucre and Santa Cruz - 2nd - 7th September Woke up to a light dusting of snow in Uyuni for our freezing cold 6 hour journey to Potosi by local bus, along a very long, winding and icy road Posted by kathystravels in Notes From A Big World | Sep 6, 2010
  • The Dizzy Highs and Lows of BoliviaPart 1: La Paz and the Uyuni Salt Plains - 27th August – 2nd September From the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, I continue my ascent to La Paz, the highest (governmental) Capital City in Posted by kathystravels in Notes From A Big World | Sep 1, 2010
  • Lake TiticacaLake Titicaca (Peru and Bolivia) 21st – 26th August We made it back in one piece, as did the car, to Cusco where we`d arranged to meet the car rental man at the airport. Naturally, being Peru, he didn`t turn Posted by kathystravels in Notes From A Big World | Aug 25, 2010
  • UyuniAnd by bus to Uyuni in Bolivia. This is a very scenic bus ride, the road was good on the chilean side, but unsurfaced and bumpy on the bolivian side. The pedestrian part of the Avenida Arce between the train Posted by UliS in South Amerika | Nov 1, 2019
  • 3 days in the most impressive desert in the world: UyuniI spent 3 months in South America and - with Patagonia - Bolivia was the most impressive country to visit. The variety of its landscapes, its incredible mountains, its fantastic viewpoints... Yes, you got it: I fell in love with Posted by sam_travels in Sam Travels the World | Jun 12, 2019
  • La PazFrom Uyuni, we took a comfortable overnight bus to La Paz. La Paz lies in the altiplano at 3’650 meters above the sea and is often said to be the world’s highest capital, though its status as capital is a Posted by samandmarta in Sam & Marta - Travel | Jun 6, 2019
  • Salar de UyuniAfter our long stays in Chile and Argentina, it was time to move on to a new country. Our bus brought us across the border to Bolivia and over a bumpy unpaved road to Uyuni. Bolivia immediately felt different from Posted by samandmarta in Sam & Marta - Travel | May 27, 2019
  • Salty GoodnessOur bus arrived into Uyuni earlier than expected…we had to get off the bus at 5.30am and it was bloody freezing! Luckily we were met from the bus and taken to a local restaurant for some breakfast. 2 hours later Posted by sdyzart in BrimItOn Tour | Feb 18, 2019
  • Tragedy in La PazWe arrived into La Paz around 3pm and found the border crossing was suprisingly easy. The security check was blasé, they asked if we had fruit, patted our bags and then sent us on our way. Whilst on route to Posted by sdyzart in BrimItOn Tour | Feb 17, 2019
  • Remembering BoliviaIn Octob Posted by judgelarry in Sans Adieu | Dec 15, 2018
  • Adidas Basketball lanzó las nuevas botas T-Mac Millennium Tracy McGrady, 16 años de batalla de alianza, ¡gloria más! La campeona de puntuación de la temporada, la mejor alineación de la NBA, 35 segundos y 13 minutos, Tracy McGrady seca, estos aspectos destacados han creado una brillante carrera de Posted by zapatos2018 in zapatos2018 | Dec 3, 2018
  • Uyuni - San Pedro De AtacamaEmbarked on a 3 day salt flats tour by 4WD from Uyuni through to San Pedro. During the tour we had the opportunity to see volcanos, geysers and flamingos lagoons in some of the most remote landscapes I have ever Posted by Jackswan in Americanarama | Nov 8, 2018
  • La PazFlew from Cusco to the highest capital in the world - La Paz, Bolivia. This city is renown for its altitude (3500m) and aerial cable car system which offers panoramic views of the dramatic mountains surrounding the city. [img=https://photos.travellerspoi Posted by Jackswan in Americanarama | Nov 8, 2018
  • Peru 2018, Goodbye Renzo, hello Bolivia * Up early for the bus ride to Bolivia. Bus the worst we've had, but still ok. * About 2 ½ hr bus ride to the border following Lake Titicaca for much of the way. Border crossing station was brand Posted by paulanfran in Paulanfran | Nov 1, 2018
  • Diamond GeyserAn early breakfast done, we loaded up the 4x4 before taking a small stroll over to the local cemetery where interestingly tinsel is used to adorn the shrines (guessing that flowers were hard to come by in the desert). Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 16, 2018
  • Salt Of The EarthThe overnight bus arrived in Uyuni right on time (7am) and seeing as I didn’t need to be at the tour company office until 10am, it meant I had plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast. I wandered down Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 16, 2018
  • I’m A Celebrity What an amazing storm we had last night accompanied by another power cut that lasted all night too (and in fact power hadn’t returned as I left LSV). Goodbyes said and the remaining volunteers set off to work leaving Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 12, 2018
  • If You Go Down To The Woods TodayWhilst I’d mostly enjoyed my time at LSV, I have to admit I was happy with the thought of moving on. I had met some lovely people and had really enjoyed interacting with the animals, but I was desperate Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 11, 2018
  • Is This The Way To Armadillo?The rota switched and I was on “Specials” with Miguel as the staff member, working with Leanne and Laure-Anne. The Specials were all the other miscellaneous animals that were kept at the refuge You know the routine, clean and Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 11, 2018
  • Capuchin Today was my final day on bears and cats but this time, Andy was the staff member (Miguel and Kenny were on a course) and so it was a very different experience. Whereas Kenny is quite informal and obviously Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 11, 2018
  • Monkey Heist Surprisingly I was back on bears and cats but I was rather pleased to be able to get to spend more time with these wonderful animals again. It was also good as the routine was becoming very familiar and Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 11, 2018
  • Rat Room .... Not RaccoonDay 2 on cats and bears with Kenny which was good news for me. As with the birds, there was a set routine which is basically clean, feed and observe. The bears were first with Aruma as usual Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 11, 2018
  • Goldilocks And The Three BearsYay, no birds for me today! I was down to work with Kenny and Bram on Bears and Cats so I was very excited. I even got a clean shirt for the occasion! First a small walk through the rain Posted by Tread in Finding Pablo | Oct 11, 2018
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