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  • 31st July 2011The traffic wasn't too bad leaving Bucharest, despite driving through the middle of the city. Initially our Garmin told us it would take us 11 hours to get to Veliko Tarnovo, in Bulgaria, which was ridiculous as it is only Posted by kimdanny in Kim and Danny 2011 | Aug 2, 2011
  • SofiaWe are now here in.... Sofia! What a rhyme. It took no less than 3 trains and 28 hours to get us from split to sofia. The first of which started well, we had no intention of sleeping only reading and Posted by davidt.ontour in European Adventure | Jul 3, 2011
  • Hotel Renaissance - PlovdivPlovdiv, Bulgaria April 10-12, 2011 We have been traveling since the first of the year; this was a welcome stay. If all our lodgings and hosts were like the "Hotel Renaissance" and Dimitar, we might travel indefinitely. Dimitar was an excellent host, Posted by bradanddeb in Brad and Deb: RTW 2011 | Apr 15, 2011
  • Finding Scenes for a Thriller in Sofia, BulgariaA lot more information is forthcoming, but in the meantime here are some pictures from the trip... [img=https:/ Posted by AC Frieden in The Frieden Trails | Oct 11, 2010
  • Varna IINow i am really feeling the reality of being a foreigner in a foreign country. English is not nearly as prominent here and i can't understand any signs or attempt to speak the language because words are written in the Posted by NWMark in Europe/Middle East Trip 2010 | Oct 4, 2010
  • Bulgaria Posted by shopska in Shopska | Oct 1, 2010
  • Varna Just made it to Varna, Romania, located on the Black Sea, after 2 days of train rides. Trains move a lot slower in the less developed E. Europe and going through Serbia was tricky because people try to smuggle Posted by NWMark in Europe/Middle East Trip 2010 | Oct 1, 2010
  • Day 37. BulgariaWe left Istanbul and had a really difficult border crossing into Bulgaria. We even had to unload the suitcases to get x-rayed. We stayed in the city of Sofia. Our hotel was awesome, very spacious, and had cable tv. I Posted by AKISSA in Contiki European Ultimate 2010 | Jun 2, 2010
  • Nessebur, BulgariaWe were tendered to shore today – first time so far; but more to come. Tendering is using the little red side boats for transport. In an emergency they are then called life boats! The tenders drop us off at The Posted by dpedler in MV Discovery - 2009 | Aug 31, 2010
  • From the Bulgarian sea to Veliko turnovoTuesday 6th July Decided today to head away from our beautiful beach location, as it was about time we continued our journey. We headed up the track for the final time and out onto the road, stopping at the petrol Posted by marklorna in Mark and Lorna's European Adventure | Aug 25, 2010
  • Rila Monastery and SofiaHi everyone! Still here in Sofia, waiting to take our night train. On our second day in Sofia we decided to escape the city and go on the hostel tour to the Rila monastery. We almost went there on our own Posted by wetabixkid in Travelling Therapists | Jul 13, 2010
  • First day in sofia and free pasta and beerWe finally made it to sofia after that long train ride. We were extremely disoriented upon getting here and although we saw the tram we had to take to get to our hostel we decided to treat ourselves and Posted by stanncie in Travelling Therapists | Jul 12, 2010
  • From the Mountains to the Black sea coast Friday 25th June Headed for a short walk around the hamlet, seemed a great place to live overlooking the hills in every direction. We then headed back to the main road and set off towards the sea, although we decided to Posted by marklorna in Mark and Lorna's European Adventure | Jul 8, 2010
  • From Melnik to the Rhodopi Mountains via Plovdiv, Bulgaria.Sunday 20th June Woke up with a slight hangover to a car park with a coach load of tourists and some stalls set up. We decided to head off back into the village of Melnik to take a look around. It Posted by marklorna in Mark and Lorna's European Adventure | Jul 8, 2010
  • From Greece to Melnik, Bulgaria Saturday 19th June Woke up to Glorious sunshine and no trace of the storm last night, apart from our wet items that we stuck out to dry. In no time though the items had dried. Although the beach location was Posted by marklorna in Mark and Lorna's European Adventure | Jul 8, 2010
  • Blast from the Soviet PastSome clues as to my whereabouts this past weekend: Vladimir Lenin, Adolf Hitler, orthodox churches, pork saucisson, Russian dolls, Faberge eggs, Soviet monuments, an Easter fixation, and a honky tonk train. [img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/2 Posted by erehel in Unleashed from the coop | Apr 2, 2010
  • Train ache Thirteen hours on a train is never an enjoyable experience, thirteen hours on a train that catches fire even less so. Is it a bit smoky in here? I thought to myself Posted by kookie888 in Right Foot Forward | Jan 29, 2010
  • Its Just So SovietI arrived in Veliko Turnova here to stay at the same hostel chain and was hoping it would be as good as its big brother hostel. Sadly it wasn't quite up to the same standard and whilst still good it Posted by rhinoc in Trav vs. The World | Dec 7, 2009
  • Joining the Smart PartyAlong the way I have met a few people that have suggested Bulgaria as a place worth visiting and after meeting Ina is Spain she further convinced me of its merits. Coupled with my disillusionment with Greece meant that I Posted by rhinoc in Trav vs. The World | Dec 7, 2009
  • Romania - BulgariaFriday, November 13th, 2009 We leave our Mafioso hosts (sorry, that was from yesterdays diary and didn’t put it on the blog) and we’re making the short drive to Bucharest because our few days in Romania has aroused our interest more Posted by dawniecoz in Bob in Africa | Nov 14, 2009
  • Eastern Danube Fall 2009 - Silistra,A few parting thoughts about Bran Castle and Dracula [pronounced "DROCK - ooh - la"}. Dracula was a nick name given to Vlad to means Devil [a lot of people did not really care for him], but he is a Posted by dgreening in Our Travels | Sep 28, 2009
  • Life in Bulgaria5 September 2009, Silistra Being currently frequently in Bulgaria I decided to start this weblog to share my experiences. From 18 July until 5 August 2009 I was in Bulgaria to provide Posted by Marie-Jose in Marie-Jose going abroad | Sep 5, 2009
  • Road to Istanbul! (18/34) Next morning we woke up early to head on to Istanbul. The roads were shitty on the way down especially near the border and seemed to take forever! When we got to the border we had a few polavas. Dale’s Posted by LizaBrooks in Liza's Missions around the world | Aug 15, 2009
  • Tuesday 28th JulyToday was spent around Sofia. The optional excursion was a trip to the Rila Monastery in the Rila Mountains about 45 mins drive from Sofia, and at a height of about 1150 metres. So we took the drive up there. Posted by bryceb in Europe 2009 | Aug 5, 2009
  • Monday 27th JulyThe usual early start had us on the road to Ruse, just over the Bulgarian border which is actually the Danube River.These ex-communist countries seem to be littered with abandoned buildings and factories; apparently after privatisation many of these state Posted by bryceb in Europe 2009 | Jul 28, 2009
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