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  • BulgariaThe Romania-Bulgarıia border must be one of the most impressive in Europe, with the River Danube separating both checkpoints. Straddling the Danube is a large bridge with monumental columns on either end. This noticeable monumentalisation is evident throu Posted by murphyre in Rebecca's Adventure Around the World | Mar 1, 2008
  • Hello and welcomeSo here I am giving this blog thing another try. This time around I will have more photos and less random chatting, which was my downfall last time around. I got to the point where I got tired Posted by tkn22 in My Year in Bulgaria | Feb 26, 2008
  • More than a Postcard?My next stop following my stay in Plovdiv was Veliko Turnovo, a city known best for its beautiful valley setting and the winding river around which the town’s core overlooks. These buildings cascade down to the water at an alarming Posted by AAY in At the Crossroads | Aug 9, 2007
  • Long Overdue ReturnAlmost three months have passed since my last entry. I’m unable to offer a reasonable explanation for this extended period of neglect. I simply lost motivation one day and watched the mounting list of cities to write about grow. At Posted by AAY in At the Crossroads | Aug 6, 2007
  • A few hours in Bulgaria on the TrainBy the time we were crossing the Bulgarian boarder we had met up with, Reagan a Canadian backpacker travelling in the compartment next door. Our joint conversations were good, we laughed about how we all felt towards Bucharest. And as Posted by TLWH in Point2Point | Oct 14, 2007
  • Modern BulgariaSo far, our little chicken legs (Amy stopped hoping Wim will ever get Armstrong-legs) have carried us this far : We're now in Bulgaria and it's a lot more modern than we expected! It is like Posted by amyandwim in Amy & Wim | Oct 3, 2007
  • BulgariaTravelling into Bulgaria on the bus from Skopje i had an immediate sense of relief at leaving Skopje. I got chatting to an Aussie guy called Paul on the bus and we were both heading the same direction so decided Posted by coldposts in Trip round Europe Summer 2007 | Sep 21, 2007
  • Rila MonasteryWhen I set out on this journey there were only a few can't miss spots on my agenda. These sites were to serve a guiding purpose in developing my itinerary, but around them I hoped to remain flexible enough to Posted by AAY in At the Crossroads | Aug 4, 2007
  • In my end is my beginningThere comes a time when even the most transient of souls yearns for a blissfully (if not temporarily) sedentary existence. I wanted my flea-free bed, my unstained clothes, my (relatively) un-stinky shoes, and even the uneventful comfort and order of Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Aug 8, 2007
  • Train DisdainI wanted to take a bus to Bulgaria, but somehow - this continues to mystify me - I ended up gawking at the Athens train station instead. Damn. My previous experiences with trains - particularly those involving Bulgaria - have Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jul 30, 2007
  • so much for bulgarian hospitality!Our first border hopping - across kapakule to bulgaria!! Arriving at Edirne at 8 in the morning, we were excited to go to kapakule and walk through our first border. At the minibus station, we asked the first minibus if Posted by rinna in It's me, my backpack, and filthy clothes | Jul 25, 2007
  • All good things must come to an endGiven my insatiable thirst for adventure, and my unfortunate obligation to return to the United States, I decided to use the rest of my summer - after my 6-week Animus internship - for a little regional exploration. I was so Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jul 14, 2007
  • A Weekend among GiantsJust before the Serbian border and snuggled in between the hills, remote Belogradchik was the ideal weekend destination…no tourists, no traffic congestion, a direct bus (I know, I’m lazy) and absolutely stunning scenery. What exactly makes it a “rockin’ g Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jun 29, 2007
  • My Disappointing Day at the EmbassyI was incredibly excited. I'd taken extra care to wear my "finest" clothes, I fixed my hair for the first time in months, I'll even admit to mentally rehearsing my introduction...I was going to the US Embassy to represent Animus Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jun 28, 2007
  • Incredible KoprivshtitsaAlthough the hustle and bustle of Sofia is oh-so-appealing, I was thrilled to leave the city for the weekend. I chose Koprivshtitsa by recommendation of a friend - as a well-preserved world heritage site, the entire village is a living Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jun 21, 2007
  • "If you hold a cat by the tail...In other words, experience is certainly the best education – or an unparalleled one, at least. No matter how much I’ve read about the processes and politics of NGOs or about the realm of human trafficking – being here, working Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jun 15, 2007
  • President Bush visits BulgariaI snorted when I heard my office mates chatting about the upcoming visit of our dear American president – they were kidding, right? I couldn’t imagine what sort of agenda would bring the bushman to sofia… But alas, Bush - and Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jun 15, 2007
  • SexploitationJust imagine: Your parents sold you for rent money. Your boyfriend of two years sold you for a new TV. That job offer in Germany only appeared to be legit. You're kidnapped and smuggled across countless borders. That dream of yours Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jun 9, 2007
  • Bizarre BulgariaI was purely lucky to find an apartment – my previous arrangements had been thwarted at the very last minute, and I was utterly desperate to find something, ANYTHING as soon as possible. During a random web search, I found Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | Jun 4, 2007
  • I made it!Here is my shortest entry ever, because I'm using a flatmate's computer. I made it to Bulgaria after thirty some hours of straight traveling through Bosnia and Serbia. I have somewhere to live, I am safe, and I start work tomorrow. Posted by MegMc2003 in To travel is such a big adventure... | May 31, 2007
  • Good Riddance, Bulgaria.If anyone invites you on a trip to Bulgaria, say no. Say no and run away fast. You'd probably have a better time biting your own hand off for a week. Before you all label me irrational and judgmental Posted by lbassi in Paying The Bribe | May 4, 2007
  • Trains must stop at stations, not pass through, to be usefulAnd so it was that I left Bucharesti, and Romania, with the same number of wallets that I arrived with and without a single unintended dog bite, a much healthier state of affairs than my previous exit. Sadly, the EU Posted by Gelli in Assorted musings of the Random Traveller | Feb 15, 2007
  • SummerJam 2006 Dance WorkshopIn August, I went to Burgas, Bulgaria, on the coast of the Black Sea, to be a part of a bi-annual contemporary dance workshop organized by Dance BG called Summer Jam. There were dancers from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Ukraine, Posted by joinasia in Summer Jam 2006 Bulgaria | Oct 30, 2006
  • This is the chickenOne thing I neglected to mention in my previous entry about Bulgaria, is about the language. In case you didn't know, Bulgaria uses the Cyrillic alphabet (like Russian), with all their crazy characters. Backwards R's and N's, pi's (with tail Posted by moutallica in eric's blog | Sep 25, 2006
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