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  • San SalvadorTime just seems to disapear for me at the beach, almost like when I was little and my parents had to drag me away at the end of the day exhausted and sandy! Everyday but Wednesday I spent the day Posted by Hansnally in Internationalally | Mar 19, 2010
  • El SunzalIt was smallish yesterday but nice clean waves...today is more of the same! [img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/177487/DSC04950.jpg caption=El Sunzal I, El Posted by Hansnally in Internationalally | Mar 15, 2010
  • El TuncoAnother great sunset Yummy beer and corn La Libertad Fishing Pier [img=https://photos.travelle Posted by Hansnally in Internationalally | Mar 14, 2010
  • Surf´s up El SalvadorMade it down to El Salvador Monday, and managed to hit the waves that afternoon...it is like riding a very wet bike and managed to get up on my second attempt. Spent the whole of yesterday surfing and was back Posted by Hansnally in Internationalally | Mar 10, 2010
  • Playa El ZonteAfter two heavenly nights at the hotel, we packed ourselves up (somewhat begrudgingly) and headed for the coast. There are several little surfing villages along a 40km stretch of coastline and we decided to go to one of the least Posted by ReneeJared in Renee & Jared's Excellent Adventure | Jan 3, 2010
  • JuayuaWe made our way to Juayua which is a sleepy little town in the mountains. It sits along a scenic stretch of highway called La Ruta de las Flores which is known for its coffee and floral plantations. [img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/237672/IMG_2 Posted by ReneeJared in Renee & Jared's Excellent Adventure | Jan 2, 2010
  • Santa AnaThe first city we hit in El Salvador was Santa Ana. To start things off, we had quite the experience getting into town. We had taken a bus from Guatemala City that was destined for San Salvador and they kicked Posted by ReneeJared in Renee & Jared's Excellent Adventure | Jan 2, 2010
  • Vecd içinde bir ülkeGuatemala City'nin merkezinde, geniş şemsiyeler ve seyyar mangallardan tüten dumanın altında kalan sokak satıcılarının tezgahlarını aşarak otobüs firmasının terminaline girdik. Firma adının yazdığı bir tabela olmasa da, otobüsü garajın içine sanki gizler Posted by acikbilet in AÇIK BİLET | Sep 27, 2009
  • Frogs and Beans?We seem to have spent a good deal of time on chicken buses as we travel through El Salvador, firstly stopping in Juayuya after leaving Tacuba. The buses are generally crowded (El Salvador's very overpopulated) and often take longer than Posted by MattAnneka in Burritos y Mojitos | Jun 28, 2009
  • Attempting El ImpossibleAfter arriving in El Salvador the bus dropped us on the side of a highway with vague instructions about how to get to where we wanted to go and several shouts of 'rapido rapido' as we retrieved our bags from Posted by MattAnneka in Burritos y Mojitos | Jun 28, 2009
  • El SalvadorThursday 28 May 2009 I intended to travel to Santa Ana from Coban. I had to change bus in Guatemala City. Then on this bus you are meant to tell the driver if you want him to drop you Posted by Marcos92uk in LASA Tour 2009-10 | Jun 22, 2009
  • El Salvador: Relaxing, Surfing & EatingHello! [i]Our week in El Salvador was all about relaxing. Living in a real house for a week (Camilla and Jack's), the sight of the hammocks, sofas, extensive book collection and huge, well-stocked fridge was an oasis of delights after Posted by bigtrip09 in Ali and Rowan's Big Trip | May 31, 2009
  • Surfing El SalvadorThe bus ride on King Quality was great but the quality of the dvd player was shank - I Am Ledgend crapped itself from one to many bumps right on the sceen where the beast zombie was breaking through the Posted by jessnsteve in Kays Odyssey | May 13, 2009
  • Surfers, flowers, guerilla camps and bus chases... We arrived in El Salvador, when it was already dark, and the city seemed quite hostile; also, there was a full moon and we really missed the sound of the ocean, so, against the warning Posted by wanderlustqueen in WANDERLUST | Mar 31, 2009
  • El SalvadorTo get from Monterrico in Guatemala to San Diego in El Salvador we had a very long day of travelling. This consisted of a boat along the canal, 2 chicken buses (a direct and literal reference to some of Posted by elliemike in Ellie and Mike's Trip | Jul 28, 2008
  • My Culture: A Pre-departure ReflectionIt is hard to define my culture "as a Canadian" without relying on stereotypes that reflect a dominant (and usually very inaccurate and misrepresentative) view of what it means to be Canadian. I don't want to perpetuate the myth of Posted by bracken in Travels in America Latina | Apr 22, 2008
  • Virr, virr, viriseda tahan maAhoi Lugulaul selline, et tahtsin täna natukene viriseda vahelduseks. Muidu teil jääb mulje, et see ongi mingi imelik elu mul siin, kus on ainult pudrumäed ja piimajõed jne (no tegelt ongi nii aga las teile jääda mulje, et kõik ikka nii Posted by jakokruuse in Jako Ladina-Ameerikas | Jan 10, 2008
  • the wheels on the bus go round and round and round and roundare we just thick or are buses in San Salvador not that easy to navigate? we spent over an hour and a half today, on a trip that should have taken us about 10 mins. problem being, we had no Posted by ericurly in Erica & Ian's Round-the-World adventure! | Nov 30, 2007
  • 9 Skyrius: El SalvadorSalis, kuria aplenkia turistai. Turbut del tos pacios panasios turtingos karu istorijos. O dabar daug kas, atrodo, praeity. Salvadorieciai stebetinai susitvarke, palyginus su kitom salim regione (aisku, cempionai kostarikieciai). Nauji ir vis tvarkomi kel Posted by GRai in El Mundo Latino | Aug 14, 2007
  • Better luck and surfing againOur luck changed pretty drastically after we left the lake, which is good, as things were getting pretty bad. We left the lake and went for the cool of the mountains again, staying just outside a little town called Posted by NicaNic in Nicaragua...or BUST!!! | Jun 25, 2007
  • PerquínThe trip to Perquín in the northeast corner of El Salvador was another highlight. I am especially talking about the transportation itself. The part from San Salvador to San Miguel was quite painless, even comfortable with air con and padded Posted by sabrinakam in The Big Trip | Mar 27, 2007
  • All roads lead to San Salvador (not to Rome)....It was not the plan in the first place to make San Salvador as our base for exploring El Salvador, but fate would have it so. We entered El Salvador on Tuesday (20/03) and the plan was to stay in Posted by sabrinakam in The Big Trip | Mar 24, 2007
  • Our Week On the BeachSo, you've probably noticed we didn't blog or contact anyone at home for about a week. Well, thats because we spend a week on a remote beach. So this blog is gonna be a day by day of what exactly Posted by iamcraig88 in Central & South America | Mar 19, 2007
  • Quick UpdateHey fans, So, its hard to find a way top contact home when you are on a beach where it is hard to find a convience store. So, that was our latest predicament, not a bad one though. We spent the Posted by iamcraig88 in Central & South America | Mar 18, 2007
  • Hanging Ten!Technically I'm no where near El Zonte... nor even in El Salvador... but that is besides the point. So, we left San Salvador in favour of the beach life, which suits the three of us quite well... there are no Posted by Nomad18 in Central & South America | Mar 18, 2007

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