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  • Urocze miasteczko w drodze do Albanii25 stycznia Wstajemy, pakujemy się i robimy na śniadanie jajecznicę z pieczarkami i ziemniakami. Zjadamy we trójkę i wychodzimy przed 8mą razem z Mattem. Żegnamy się na skrzyżowaniu i my ruszamy piechotą w stronę głównej drogi. Dochodzimy na krzyżówkę i Posted by PawelGosia in Paweł i Gosia - opowieści z podróży | Jan 25, 2024
  • W gościnie u wolontariusza Peace CorpsPrzechodzimy granicę pieszo. Pogranicznicy po obu stronach są bardzo sympatyczni. Jesteśmy w Kosowie. Zaraz za granicą zaczynamy łapać stopa z karteczką 'Pristina'. Po chwili zatrzymu Posted by PawelGosia in Paweł i Gosia - opowieści z podróży | Jan 23, 2024
  • Locals save the day At 3am I get an email from Burley US saying we need to contact our supplier in Australia. By 6am we had no response from the Gold Coast. So Kim calls her mum on FB messenger to ask Posted by darrenhough1974 in Tandem Tales | Jul 19, 2023
  • Pacman has a broken axle and we may be stranded…Up at 6:15am, pack and are downstairs as Tajfun arrives at 7am as promised. He has come to work 1 hour early just for us, so we can leave early to try beat the heat. Super kind. He bring us Posted by darrenhough1974 in Tandem Tales | Jul 18, 2023
  • Meeting the locals Up at 6am. We need to leave early to beat the heat. Forecast is in the mid-30 degrees C. Cycle to the petrol station/cafe we spotted last night. The outside garden is 1/2 full at 6:45am. Possibly some having Posted by darrenhough1974 in Tandem Tales | Jul 17, 2023
  • Kosovan KindnessDidn’t pack last night so we have a slower morning. Yummy breakfast of porridge with banana. We walk around to our local coffee shop but it’s closed. On the door it says it opens at 8am. It’s 8:10am. Walk another Posted by darrenhough1974 in Tandem Tales | Jul 15, 2023
  • 2023 Kosovo: Pristina and Prizren In Skopje we were close to Kosovo, so after hearing so much over the years about the country's political struggles, we thought we should pay a visit and see the place f Posted by jannettek in Time to travel | May 22, 2023
  • Kosova Gezi NotlarıAvrupa’nın yeni ülkesi Kosova, beklentilerden çok daha fazlasını veren, küçük ama çok güzel bir ülke. Ülkenin geçmişi yüzlerce yıl önceye gitse de, Kosova özgürlüğünü kazanalı henüz 10 yıl oldu. Dünyanın yarısı halen kendilerini tanımıyor, ancak onlar ülk Posted by mesuttoker in Devam Eden Yolculuğum... | Nov 26, 2022
  • PrizrenI made it to Kosovo! I got in after dark and walked to my hostel, which was only about 15 minutes away. I checked in, dropped my bag and headed to the common room to eat some of the cheese Posted by rhwanderlust in Rachel: Wanderlust, Travel, Adventure | Oct 21, 2022
  • One Day in KosovoIn 2015 I met Ana, an inspiring young woman during a trip to Pristina. Oozing with self-expression and individuality, she was a symbol of the new Kosovo. Also, a major player in the driving force behind the burgeoning, feminist movement. Posted by katieshevlin62 in The Local Hero | Jun 27, 2020
  • One Day in Pristina, Kosovo[b]In 2015, I zigzagged my way across the Balkans, an area devastated by war and destruction in the not too distant past. Finding myself in Nis, in the south of Serbia, I decided to take the bus to Pristina in Posted by katieshevlin62 in One Day in Pristina, Kosovo | Apr 24, 2020
  • Kosovo - Still at War?Prishtina - from a war correspondents point of view... Kosovo is a small landlocked country that has been squeezed by its bigger neighbours for many years, so whenever the neighbours Posted by Hawkson in Blissful Adventures | Sep 24, 2007
  • Pristina Our shuttle van to Pristina was a bit better than our shuttle ride to Moldova but only because it was a shorter ride and the van had air conditioning. The driver was a lot more attentive to his cell phone Posted by 123Joanne in Travel the World | Sep 18, 2018
  • Priština[img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/871419/large_DSC0 Posted by UliS in Around the Adriatic Sea | May 15, 2018
  • kosovo independent travelDespite having some of the most spectacular nature in Europe, rugova valley (Gryka e Rugovës) must be one of Europes most untouched places. It's easily accessible, very cheap and local people will go out of their way to help you. Posted by chicadelmundo in independent travel advice | Feb 25, 2018
  • In the land of HRH Rita Ora After an afternoon in Albania, the following day we were on our way to Europe's newest country - Kosovo. Luckily the bus was running at 6am instead of 5, meaning we could have an extra hour Posted by kmmk17 in World Travels | Jul 19, 2015
  • KOSOVO then: 1975 and 1990==[center]On the 17th of February 2017, The Republic of Kosovo will be celebrating the 9th anniversary of its independence.[/center]== [b]Prior to gaining independence, Kosovo was part of Serbia, then a constituent part of the former Yugoslavi Posted by ADAMYAMEY in KOSOVO | Feb 12, 2017
  • One day there may be a Kosovian called MauriceSome countries remain foremost in mind for a long time. Macedonia will be one of those for me. The reason … my underpants caught fire. Fortunately I was not wearing them at the time but it was close enough for Posted by Wheelspin in European Badlands | Jun 15, 2015
  • Europe, Summer 201317th June A quick coffee in Skopje and a brief look around the centre to see if anymore statues had turned up overnight – there weren’t. Then, a bus across the border to the capital of Kosovo – Pristina. This little nation Posted by Patrick H. in Patrick Hillman's Travels | Jul 10, 2013
  • PristinaOur last stop on this leg of our trip was Pristina, mostly because it was the cheapest flight in the region back to Germany at 20 euros with easyjet, but it’s also really interesting to see these places since things Posted by kmclean in Canadian Students Abroad | Mar 5, 2013
  • Travel day Skopje Macedonia, through Kosovo to MontenegroAnother big travel day today... we left Skopje (Macedonia) early in the morning (neither of us were brave enough to shower and needed to get out of the Hotel Bristol as soon as possible). Boarded a bus for Posted by toddllama in Todd & Linda's European Adventure | Oct 12, 2012
  • Report from Kosovo AND Shqiperia... 2 For the Price of 1!‏Hi All! (A.D.D. Readers read the first paragraph and then proceed to the end) I first want to start by apologizing to my A.D.D. readers. I got so wrapped up with being in Kosovo and all I forgot to Posted by Nensi NY in Reports From Shqiperia | Oct 2, 2011
  • 23rd August 2011From our car park we walked a short distance into town and started with the north side of the river, called the Carsija area. It was like stepping back in time, or some parts of Asia without all the people. Posted by kimdanny in Kim and Danny 2011 | Aug 28, 2011
  • Report From Shqi... Oops! Kosovo Hi All! I hope that you are all doing well. Last Tuesday we safely made it to the city of Prishtina in Kosovo... with some drama of course. When Kela heard the alarm go off that Posted by Nensi NY in Reports From Shqiperia | Aug 23, 2011
  • KosovoIt was time to leave the beautiful Montenegro and enjoy a more unusual travel destination: Kososvo. Declared independant in 2008 but not yet universally recognized, the travel advice fr Kosovo was negative and our insurance wouldn't cover us. However, we Posted by The Minion in Motorcycle Adventure Tour | Jun 27, 2011

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