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  • Lovely LuxembourgMorning walk in Bruges before heading off Luxembourg was pretty- even in the rain. Good burgers to keep spirits up! [img= Posted by philandleni in Our honeymoon | Aug 5, 2016
  • Luxemburg - LëtzebuergLuxemburg, I love you. So much fun, so many friends, so much work, so many drinks. Just a couple of pictures for today. [img= Posted by AndreaLed in Andrea on the Loose | Mar 6, 2016
  • 2015 JUN LUXEMBOURG - WE FINALLY FLEE BRUSSELS, BYE BELGIUM ===Thursday 18th June 2015 (day forty-five)=== Brussels to Luxembourg (train) Lyn & I had requested a hotel wake up call at 7am, but I had been awake way earlie Posted by Cindy Bruin in CINDY & CO TRAVELLING THE WORLD! | Jun 30, 2015
  • Hiking in the forestThis is a little out of order because we did this hike before we went back to the States for our trip to Seattle but I wanted to share these neat pics that Quinn took. We had a surprise sunny Posted by trackers in ¡Global Nada! | Jun 5, 2015
  • The long haulDriving through all the mountains both in Italy and Switzerland you realize how insignificant you are in this wonderful world. Driving through the night as we had such a long wait to go through the Gottard tunnel.. came out of Posted by Ni-Kath-travels in On the road | Sep 5, 2014
  • LuxembourgBus: 2 euros get you anywhere on the Luxembourg bus network for 2 hours, so you can change buses as often as you like or stay on the same one if you feel like it. Great for getting about between Posted by UnwindRoad in Unwind on the Silk Road | Aug 31, 2014
  • LuxembourgValley of the seven castles! Glad we're out of Belgium. . None of them know how to drive? Sooo. We had a driver swap. Sterling kath is behind the wheel. within 10 minutes. We have tyres squealing round a roundabout. Thankfully the Posted by Ni-Kath-travels in On the road | Aug 24, 2014
  • Welcome to Luxembourg City ![center]Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its Capital Luxembourg City ![/center] I will explore the 3 Borders Country starting with the capital of the country in which I am settled since the late Spring, Luxembourg City, very little k Posted by victorian67 in Escapades around the 3 Borders Country | Nov 4, 2013
  • Welcome to the 3 Borders Country Travel Blog !Greetings from Luxembourg ! My name is Karim, I am 46yo, a Hotel GM and I live in Luxembourg. I am French and I have worked in hospitality for the past 24 years and my job took me in places as different Posted by victorian67 in Escapades around the 3 Borders Country | Nov 4, 2013
  • 2013 Liege - Rome - Liege Rally Day One Fireworks and vomiting wedding guests kept The Driver awake. It's not a good start. No matter...the first Time Trial South of the Border (no, I don't know which b.....y borde Posted by haveyoubeenyet in Have You Been Yet? by Pam Fisher | Sep 24, 2013
  • Rock a fieldQuinn has become our official concert and music fest finder. There is always so much music going on, it is easy to miss someone you love who is coming to play. For example, we recently missed a Trampled by Turtles Posted by trackers in ¡Global Nada! | Jul 23, 2013
  • With the Stars in the DarknessOne of the first things I noticed about Luxembourg was the elephant statues. There was one right as we got out of the train station, and then there was another one as we started our walk into town. The one Posted by Soseki in This is Not a Pipe | Jul 18, 2013
  • Day 14Luxembourg!!! It's a pretty awesome place! We took a 3 hour train just after 8am to Luxembourg today. The train goes right into Luxembourg city. It is one of the most beautiful cities/places that I've ever been too. Posted by lins_euro in Girls' trip to the UK & Belgium!! | Jan 3, 2013
  • Luxembourg Decided to check out this tiny country bordering Germany, Belgium and France... got lost and frustrated trying to find a hotel at 9pm at night with everything booked!!! Finally found one just outside the city however. after that escapade we decided Posted by CDNorgaard in Central Europe | Oct 7, 2012
  • Day trip to LuxembourgTurns out the closest big city to us is Luxembourg, Luxembourg. It is only about a 30-45 minute drive, depending on how fast you drive on the autobahn. Oh yes, the Autobahn. In case you were wondering. Yes, you can Posted by trackers in ¡Global Nada! | Sep 24, 2012
  • LuxemburgReimsistä junalla Luxemburgiin. Kompakti paikka, jossa tutkittiin keskustaa ja mm. vanhoja luolastoja (the casemates) sekä ihmeteltiin keskustan korkeuseroja Grundissa. [img= thumb=https://photos. Posted by vilmalotta in Levoton sielu | Sep 23, 2012
  • Dag 27 met de ZWIT - tooDonderdag, 6 september Het lukt ons dus gewoon niet om voor tienen te rijden. Maar vanmorgen zag het er hoopvol uit. Om 10 voor 10 hadden we de zaak aan het rijden. 3 x rechts, op de rotonde de tweede Posted by zwit.too in Op pad met de ZWIT - too | Sep 6, 2012
  • 30 Jan - Stuck in LuxembourgWe were unable to leave today due to weather - both the cloud height and visibility are well below what we require to fly. Tomorrow is not looking promising either. We're all set for the "road trip" though: the helicopter Posted by drewgagne in The Liberian Express | Jan 30, 2012
  • 29 Jan - Pictures of me having a good time in LuxembourgA couple of you asked me to post pictures of myself, which I don't normally like to do as it attracts unwanted attention, paparazzi, etc. But, you asked, so here you go. Despite the chilly temps, I managed to get Posted by drewgagne in The Liberian Express | Jan 29, 2012
  • 29 Jan - Taking a Break in LuxembourgI had some down-time and went into town on Saturday with a couple of the guys. Lux is fine...very small, lots of pedestrian streets, some nice parks, cafes on squares, etc. Had my first decent espresso, then a good lunch Posted by drewgagne in The Liberian Express | Jan 29, 2012
  • 27 Jan - ProgressMost of the major re-assembly work is done now, but the real challenge comes today (Saturday) when we start to do ground runs and test flights to make sure everything is functioning properly. The photos below show they guys getting Posted by drewgagne in The Liberian Express | Jan 27, 2012
  • 26 Jan - Humpty Gets Put Back TogetherEngineers Tim and Alain, with a bit of grunt labor from Shane (the other pilot) and me, started to reassemble the helicopter today. They got the tailboom, skids, and mast/head on, as well as various other bits and pieces. The Posted by drewgagne in The Liberian Express | Jan 26, 2012
  • 25 Jan - Arrived in LuxembourgJust arrived in Luxembourg. As usual, I'm massively jetlagged and suffering from insomnia...this will sort itself out by the end of today when "the crash" occurs. We're staying at the airport, where we are re-assembling our helicopter and doing final Posted by drewgagne in The Liberian Express | Jan 26, 2012
  • LUXEMBOURGAll right... I admit it! I've been beaten by the weather in this beautiful city. I sallied forth this morning, with longies on, umbrella unfurled, gloves on, and a raincoat and two sweaters protecting me. "Ha!" I Posted by obanlass in Young at Heart | Dec 3, 2011
  • 9th November 2011The whole day we were covered in a blanket of fog, which was pretty horrible. Our first drive was to Vianden, barely seeing 100m in front of us the entire time. Vianden was a nice town, small, one main, long Posted by kimdanny in Kim and Danny 2011 | Nov 14, 2011

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