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  • Day 38 - Boat Tour & PackingToday the morning was free, and then we had a boat tour organised for the afternoon. We decided the best way to spend a free morning, and our last full day in Friesland, was with a sailing trip! We got up Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Aug 7, 2019
  • Welcome"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor Posted by patriesenmart in From Alaska to bike | Aug 6, 2019
  • DeventerDeventer is a seemingly normal city in the Netherlands, but once a year for one weekend long it is transformed into something special. During the winter months the Lower Countries such as Belgium and also The Netherlands, are under the Posted by Ils1976 in The Netherlands | Aug 5, 2019
  • Netherlands Should be Known for Scenery - not "Red Lights" Windmill in Netherlands Finland? Nope, no "midnight sun" for me this trip. The flights were full, and I was left stateside when the plane took off to plan what I would do ins Posted by world_wide_mike in Worldwidemike | Aug 1, 2019
  • Global Meet - July, 2019 - The Hague, The NetherlandsOur third family global meet was the most successful yet in terms of results and things to do in the city as we spent a week in the Hague and a little time in Amsterdam and Rotterdam in our explorations Posted by twinspin2 in Academic Adventures | Jul 31, 2019
  • Day 37 - Sailing, Swimming & SunshineToday, we woke up absolutely covered in mosquito bites. We had had a very restless night and kept hearing them landing on us all night. We walked down to get breakfast, and it turns out nearly everyone else had the Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 30, 2019
  • Day 36 - FrieslandToday we were going to leave Garderen and move on to Friesland! We spent the morning packing, and handed the keys back in for our bungalow. We drove over to Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 29, 2019
  • can we finally leave!?Sleeping in is always a good thing, but sadly enough we had to get up at about 9 AM coz Tania still had to do a little bit of "office work" although we officially were in holiday. At the beginning of Posted by Ils1976 in Sri Lanka & Maldives | Jul 28, 2019
  • Amsterdam Visiting Amsterdam has got to be on your bucket list - at least once. One of my favourite cities anywhere. What a beautiful city. A fascinating city. A very romantic city. A quirky cit Posted by PhilFhi travels in PhilFhi's Overseas Adventure | Jul 28, 2019
  • Drenthe20/07/12 roadtrip I must say that I was really looking forward to this trip for days now, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a day off from work, neither did Tania, so we couldn’t leave for Drenthe until way after 5 PM. From Posted by Ils1976 in The Netherlands | Jul 26, 2019
  • Day 34 - Oma & Opa’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Today was the day we got to celebrate Oma and Opa’s 50th wedding anniversary! This was the main reason for our trip to Europe so it was a very special day! In the morning, Auke went to a spin class with Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 24, 2019
  • Day 33 - Kinderdijk & RotterdamThe plan today was to drive to Belgium to see Antwerp. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go because they have a new emissions scheme where you must register your car in advance before entering the city and you must need a pass. We Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 24, 2019
  • A Tight SqueezeSo we have a half a day in Amsterdam before we hit the high seas !! Some people went for a walking tour of the city, some went for a canal boat ride but there were a few intrepid sailors that Posted by Geardale in Geary’s Getaway | Jul 24, 2019
  • Day 32 - Gameren & Slot LoevensteinToday we drove to Gameren to see where Dieuwe and Anne Roos were born, and Auke grew up. We left around 9.00am and drove for about an hour. The first thing we did was visit Tante - a friend of Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 24, 2019
  • Concert Of A LifetimeOur first challenge today was to catch a train from Brussels to Maastricht with one change along the way. The main obstacle here is that there is no booked seat and no baggage compartment and nowhere to stack suitcases Posted by Geardale in Geary’s Getaway | Jul 23, 2019
  • Start of Holiday Part 3 Amsterdam to Budapest After a lovely breakfast and packing the cases for the last time in the next two weeks we headed to the train station for our journey to Amsterdam. On arrival we found we were in time to catch the Posted by Geardale in Geary’s Getaway | Jul 23, 2019
  • Day 31 - A Day Out in AmsterdamToday was our day to explore Amsterdam! Caroline and Dirk-Jan had organised the whole day for us, so all we had to do was turn up! Auke, Ali, Dieuwe and Amie left the bungalow park at around 8.00am to pick Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 23, 2019
  • Day 30 - Scheveningen & Meeting Family Today we were off to Scheveningen!! Ali’s Dad was born here so she wanted to visit and see where he grew up. She always had it in her mind that it was a little fishing village, but it was totally Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 22, 2019
  • Four Flights, Amsterdam, and Home to Pouch CoveMay 26 My last post took me from the hotel to the airport in Ashgabat. I could end my blog right there, but I provide a door-to-door from Pouch Cove, Newfoundland experience. I am not sure if Posted by Bob Brink in Searching for Magical Moments | Jul 21, 2019
  • Amsterdam5 AM in the morning and especially on a Saturday morning sounds ridiculously early, but for one time I didn’t mind all that much coz I was just too excited to meet up with Nolan, his wife and some other Posted by Ils1976 in The Netherlands | Jul 29, 2019
  • Day 27 - Wouter’s BirthdayThis morning Auke went mountain biking with the guys, while Ali watched the kids. Auke went biking for about 2 hours. Even though they say Holland is flat, there was still quite a lot of hills to make it fun. [img= Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 19, 2019
  • Day 26 - Family & Burger’s ZooToday we had a family day planned. In the morning we got ready to head to Caroline & Dirk-Jan’s house for coffee and cake with all the family. [img=https://photos. Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 18, 2019
  • The Netherlands!I've arrived in the land of clogs, tulips, cheese, windmills, canals, bikes, weed, sex trade, Rembrandt, beer and herring sandwiches! A bizarre combination but it all actually works! I'm here for the EORNA (European Operating Room Nurses Assocaiation) con Posted by mslaurajade in Travel adventures! | Jul 14, 2019
  • Life is a journey, not a destinationDe reis naar Toronto is begonnen en ik realiseer op dit moment ( nog meer ) dat het een héle bijzondere gaat worden.Sara is inmiddels 9 en Jacob bijna 7 en als ik even snel doorreken zijn Laura en ik Posted by muijserfamily in Canada U.S.A. 2019 | Jul 13, 2019
  • Day 25 - Garderen & the Hidden Village Today we got up and had another great breakfast - this time Boterkoek. We got ready to go and then drove to Oma and Opa’s. The plan was that Opa was going to show us around Garderen. Once there we all Posted by de Boer in De Boer Family Travels | Jul 11, 2019
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