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  • Transportation of South KoreaTransportation - South Korea  Air Most of the big cities in Korea have domestic airports. Especially, people usually take a flight when they go to Jeju Island, which is the southern island as known as Korea’s most famed vacation spot. Also, Incheon Posted by Choi Kim in Choi's Traveling Report | Sep 20, 2020
  • Republic of KoreaRepublic of Korea Destination South Korea, officially called Republic of Korea, is located in the southern part of Korean Posted by Choi Kim in Choi's Traveling Report | Sep 13, 2020
  • Choi Kim's Tourism ReportHTM Posted by Choi Kim in Choi's Traveling Report | Sep 5, 2020
  • A trip to the DMZ "The scariest place on earth" - Former US President, Bill Clinton, during his visit to the DMZ in 1993. The DMZ was established by the Korean Armistice Agreement to serve as a buffer zon Posted by katieshevlin62 in South Korea | Aug 26, 2020
  • South Korea Tour Posted by siewalan1945 in Our Travels | Feb 20, 2020
  • Seoul Searching== It appears that the poor pun headlines are a thing now, sorry! The flight from Ulaanbaatar provided some incredible views of the Gobi Desert. It took off at sunrise and the Posted by around129 in Around the World in 129&1/2 Days | Feb 15, 2020
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 9First, I want to apologize for any and all errors and typos. I’m really too lazy to review what I’ve written especially since it takes me a few hours to write it all in the first place. But I have Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Dec 1, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 8Before I get started on yesterday’s activities, I completely forgot part of the day before! Which is, of course, lunch. How could I have forgotten lunch?? There’s a pizza place right across from the apartment that smells delicious every time Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 30, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 7Yesterday didn’t start as early as the other days. I think I’m slowly getting used to this time zone which is great now but won’t be so good going back home. The pub crawl was planned for last night, so Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 29, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 6Happy Thanksgiving! Technically I’m 15 hours ahead, so I’ve already celebrated my Thanksgiving with some new friends, but I’m thinking about all friends and family back home. Plus the rig. But trying to only think of that a few times Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 28, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 5Fail on the night scene plan. I think part of it is I still haven’t acclimated to the time here. It would probably take another week or so before that happens; I’m still sleeping by 8PM and awake before 5AM Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 27, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 4I think I’ve decided I prefer to travel alone. Making small talk is hard. And trying to also accommodate someone else who pretty much invited themselves along and has no input is frustrating. But I’ll try to make the best Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 26, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 3I’m sitting at the kitchen table again, overlooking the city lights in the predawn hours. It’s 5:30AM, still dark outside and a perfect time to catch up on the blog. I slept like the dead for about 5 hours last Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 25, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 2Day 2 started at 6:30AM for me. I think it was my stomach that woke me actually, I was absolutely starving. I remember from my last trip that everything is pretty much shut down in this area until closer to Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 24, 2019
  • Seoul, South Korea: Day 1Just woke up after a peaceful sleep, and I’m writing from the kitchen table in my Airbnb. The apartment is not the one I stayed in last time, but the host is the same, and I’m in the same building Posted by alleebee8 in Travel Essential | Nov 24, 2019
  • We must go :(Throughout this trip we were able to observe different facets of what life is like in South Korea, each of the places had a different essence, we visited places with history, which became great points of interest in the cities. Each Posted by Isa-CV in The best holidays | Apr 8, 2019
  • Jindo Sea Separation Festival (진도 신비 의 바닷길 축제)It is a phenomenon that occurs due to the difference of the tide, has a length of 2.8 km and the width is 40 ~ 60m, at this stage of the year the festival of the sea that separates in Posted by Isa-CV in The best holidays | Mar 28, 2019
  • Travel green So that our trip is green and we are friendly to the planet, we will use public transportation and bicycles, to become green travelers we must adapt to local life. In hotels we can save water and electricity. With these small Posted by Isa-CV in The best holidays | Mar 25, 2019
  • South KoreaI don’t really know what to say about Seoul. It wasn’t bad, but I was never amazed by the place, or the food. There was art, some cool to look at, but never really impressive. There were temples and palaces, Posted by Porticaeli in The Song of Lucius | Nov 12, 2019
  • Around the World in 20 days - first stop South KoreaAfter reading an article on the Constellation Journeys' inaugural 'Around the World' trip I decided to google the company and discovered that a second trip had just been announced. By the end of that week we had booked our Posted by bumblebum in Migrating South | Oct 30, 2019
  • BusanBusan, also know as Pusan, is the largest port city is South Korea. From the ship we got the shuttle bus which dropped you at Yongdusan Park. Just above the park was Busan tower which gave you a good view Posted by MaggieSyd in Our Adventures | Sep 12, 2019
  • Namdaemun and Bukchon Hanok Village - Day 2 Part 1This morning, I had woken up extremely early (3am), I tried so hard to get back to sleep but my excitement must have stopped me! I decided that instead of battling with sleep, I took my camera out with me Posted by alex.slay in Korea - 2019 | Aug 15, 2019
  • Deployment to Korea an Eye Opener for Young Soldier To be honest, I never wrote a travelogue for South Korea. I visited the country as part of my two-week annual training with the U.S. Army Reserve. We were taking part in an exe Posted by world_wide_mike in Worldwidemike | Aug 8, 2019
  • What is Gwangju Hello! I'm in Gwangju now!? what is Gwangju? Where? It is in Korea kkkkk Gwangju is one of the Korean representative city located in Jella-namdo Famous Places in Korea are Seoul, the capital city and the Busan which is famous for beautiful sea Posted by Natsuho Tsuda in Digging Gwangju with FINA 2019 | Jun 30, 2019
  • We are on our way - due to arrive in Vladivostok later todayWe departed Auckland on two separate flights yesterday, David elected to fly Auckland-Sydney-Beijing- Vladivostok in one marathon effort with no significant stop-overs. He just messaged me to say he has arrived in Vladivostok. John, myself, Oleg, Julia Posted by stevecrownz in As the Crow Flies Russia 2019 | Jun 24, 2019
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