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  • Bentley Repair DubaiIf you're looking for a professional and experienced team to take care of your [[https://germanexperts.ae/brand/bentley-repair/|Bentley Abu Dhabi]], look no further. Our team is fully prepared to provide you with the best service and repair work possible. Posted by germanexperts in Bentley Repair Dubai | Nov 12, 2022
  • Chapter 25: PoliticsChapter 25: Dubai Politics September 25, 2022 [img=h Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 25, 2022
  • Chapter 24: What NOT to DoChapter 24: What Not to Do? September 24, 2022 [float=left][img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/916153/d1af62b0-3a6a-11ed-b629-e35ccfe8b2ca.jpg thumb=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/916153/thumb_d1af62b0-3a6a-11ed-b629-e35ccfe8b2 Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 24, 2022
  • Chapter 23: Restaurants and FoodChapter 23: Restaurants and Food September 23, 2022 Before we begin, we want to answer a couple of off-line questions we received: [i][b]"Are you all going to talk about Iran and the protests? How does that affect those around you?"[/b Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 23, 2022
  • Chapter 22: Lost in TranslationChapter 22: Lost in Translation September 22, 2022 First, we wish you Happy Saudi National Day! We missed out on Emirati Women's Day and it is too early for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 celebrations. Each of these, as you might imagine, Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 22, 2022
  • Chapter 21: The Postal ServiceChapter 21: The Postal Service September 21, 2022 When we were here in February, I promised to send one of our contacts a copy of my book. I got his business card so that I would have the proper address. My book, Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 21, 2022
  • Chapter 20: TrafficChapter 20: Traffic September 20, 2022 [u]Paul has spent countless hours researching for this blog. He takes great pleasure in telling you all about Dubai and being accurate in that telling. I on the other hand, while very accurate, ju Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 20, 2022
  • Chapter 15: Why We're HereChapter 15: Why We're Here September 15, 2022 [float=right][/float]When we came to Dubai half a year ago in February, it was at the invitation of t Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 15, 2022
  • Chapter 14: Historic DubaiChapter 14: Historic Dubai September 14, 2022 [u]Don't we look comfortable and refreshed on the boat in the photo below? Well, don't believe everything you see - or read for that matter. Oh yes, what you are reading is accurate but it Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 14, 2022
  • Chapter 13: Beaches & IslandsChapter 13: Beaches and Man-Made Islands September 13, 2022 Mark Twain wrote, “buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” Clearly Samuel Clemens could never have imagined what Dubai has become. Twain also said, “The man with a new idea Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 13, 2022
  • Chapter 12: Do Falcons Smoke Camels?Chapter 12: Do Falcons Smoke Camels September 12, 2022 [u]For an introvert like me, it’s wonderful to be with an extrovert adventurer like Paul who makes most everything fun. This time around I would say ‘Well, this is another fine mes Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 12, 2022
  • Chapter 11: Abu Dhabi's LouvreChapter 11: Abu Dhabi and The Louvre September 11: 2022 Abu Dhabi is a mere hour's drive from our hotel in Dubai. The typical transformation of urban to suburban exists but then the suburban shifts to desert. The highways are superb wi Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 11, 2022
  • Chapter 10: Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand MosqueChapter 10; Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque September 10, 2022 [float=left][/float]I wrote a travel blog entry when I first visited Abu Dhabi on Decemb Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 10, 2022
  • Chapter 9: SkylineChapter 9: Skyline September 9, 2022 The tallest building in the world, at 2,717 feet tall, the 163-floor Burj Khalifa, is here and has hosted me twice since it was completed in 2010. The Burj Khalifa, at more than ½ mile high Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 9, 2022
  • Chapter 8: HotelsChapter 8: Hotels September 8, 2022 There are—according to www.worldatlas.com—61 five-star hotels in Dubai. London has more at 75 and New York has slightly fewer with 59. Why so many amazing properties here? Vacationers and business pe Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 8, 2022
  • Chapter 7: WaterChapter 7: Water September 7, 2022 Nothing, not oil or gold or forests or diamonds, is as important to the future of the human race as is water. This region, the business and financial capital of the Persian Gulf, consumes 147 gallo Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 7, 2022
  • Chapter 6: Weather[code][/code]Chapter 6: The Weather September 6, 2022 An oppressive and sweltering summer, when temperatures can soar to 130[sup]o[/sup]F and humidity is high, is not the time to come to Dubai. And, to the untrained eye, it may be--for Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 6, 2022
  • Chapter 5: EconomyChapter 5: Economy September 5, 2022 [float=right][/float]The economy here is not based upon oil. Dubai is the one emirate with very little of it even as it is plentiful nearby. The vast m Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 5, 2022
  • Chapter 4: Dubai OverviewChapter 4: Dubai Overview September 4, 2022 [u]I thought I would add my 2 cents to Paul's meticulous detail of what Dubai is about. I'm under strict instructions to stay within Paul's structure so i I can't yet tell you what happens Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 4, 2022
  • Chapter 3: Dubai International AirportChapter Three: Dubai International Airport September 3, 2022 DXB, the Dubai International Airport, is the world’s 19th busiest but is number one in terms of international passenger traffic. It holds the title of handling more Airbus A Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 4, 2022
  • Chapter 2: Emirates Airlines and their A-380-800 AircraftChapter 2: Emirates Airlines/A-380-800 Aircraft September 2, 2022 [float=right][/float]At 11:00am, from Washington, Dulles Airport, (7:00pm destina Posted by paulej4 in Dubai Explained | Sep 2, 2022
  • 10 Aout C'est parti!!!!Départ de l'hotel pour mes vols. J'ai oublié mes cartes d'embarquement. Mais pas que. Aussi mon chargeur de tel (enfin la prise pas le cable) et mon petit couteau, faut toujours avoir un couteau en voyage. Enregistrement éclair, salon Etihad... tout Posted by Cawotte in De retour pour de nouvelles découvertes | Aug 12, 2022
  • Dani's Trip to DubaiAll, Greetings! It has been 6 months since I wrote / posted on here so I'm sure nobody is / has been checking this. Dani and I wanted to put up photos for everyone to see and give everyone a run Posted by seanstyerwalt in MCTM UAE | Jun 17, 2022
  • In to DubaiDubai is not everyones cup of tea I get that, its Hot most times of the time , sandy, dusty and the people are hit and miss. However I like it, and its a good break for a couple Posted by Bradls in Sometimes it's time to wonder | May 4, 2022
  • The joy of living 15 hours from anywhereI enjoy travelling , even the shit bits, like the airport and the que’s and having to deal with other humans. Normally minimising the hurt, by using the emirates lounge, upgrading to business and sleeping laying down for 8 Posted by Bradls in Sometimes it's time to wonder | May 2, 2022
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