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  • The Land of OppositesThese two places could not be any more opposite if we had planned our trip with that intention. We have just come from Stellenbosch in South Africa, which was elegant, lush and sophisticated, with great food and amazing art. Now Posted by Lauriesam in The Adventures of Lauriesam | Apr 17, 2015
  • The Reason Behind the Name....Imagine that you just finished a long day at work. You're tired, glad to be off, and have to do it all over again the next day. As you drive home, you try to search in your mind for a Posted by God Within in God Within | Feb 17, 2015
  • Still drivingJust past Staaten National Park today, not much internet out here obviously, not much else either TBH, but nice scenery. Thank god I found a servo in time, almost ran out of petrol (here's a great tip, if somewhere says Posted by JulieSm in Heading to the Kimberley | Feb 11, 2015
  • Retiring in LATIN AMERICARETIRE AT HOME? or INVESTIGATE YOUR LATIN AMERICAN OPTIONS while driving the Americas! You have probably heard; Retire in Mexico, Retire in Costa Rica, or I can live on my $1000/month pension, like a King in Nicaragua or Panama !....... Posted by rvcampertravele in Retiring in LATIN AMERICA | Feb 7, 2015
  • An exciting prospect - the starting line has been drawnJust realised it is only 11 weeks or so until our travel adventure begins. In reality its already here. Deborah is leading the charge on the planning front. With every turn of a page in the travel books and Posted by Vendrig in Our 2015 travel adventure | Jan 30, 2015
  • Montenegro V - Car trouble and getting out!Getting out of Montenegro After escaping the Prokletje Mountains unscathed, we decided to head back towards Kotor and Croatia. As much as we would have loved to continue hiking in these mysterious but beautiful mountains, one of the common probl Posted by danza in There and back again | Jan 27, 2015
  • Never Rush A Good ThingThere is one thing that is guaranteed: If you are doing your job just for the money you won't be lying on your deathbed wishing you'd spent more time in the office. So many people spend their lives waking at Posted by zwillenberg in Around The World In 80 Years | Jan 20, 2015
  • Six monthsTravel is more than an arbitrary change of scenery, its more than just going from here to there. It is an experience; an adventure. What is adventure, then? Once I read Georg Simmel defining it as an experience so outside the normal routine, Posted by Zaspirucho in Thoughts from afar | Jan 18, 2015
  • From the Redwood Forest I went for a rainy, foggy hike in the Redwood Forest. The trees were, as expected, MASSIVE. And many of them hollow. So Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Dec 16, 2014
  • Portlandia (Look how Portland I am.) Aside from large-framed glasses and apathetic attitudes, Portland has some really beautiful surrounding nature. I met up with my friend from college, Greg Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Dec 16, 2014
  • Sleepless in SeattleMaking it to the West Coast was actually pretty astonishing. The realization of how far away I'd driven was pretty cool, and being on the opposite coast, pretty much exactly across, was surreal. I was meant to stay with one Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Dec 16, 2014
  • Montana is on fire.But not really; that's mean. ==Hi.== The path from Utah to Seattle, WA was full of failures. As in, I failed a whole bunch. Also, they are failures. But only really Montana Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Nov 28, 2014
  • Uncomfortable in Utah; Religion makes me queasy I was nervous that getting into Utah was going to bring back the flat farmland of the Midwest, but it didn't! All I knew about Utah was that Mormons exist. Colorado reminded me of Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Nov 17, 2014
  • Starring in the ShiningDriving in the mountains of Colorado was kind of like an amusement park ride. When I started out of Denver, it was really cool looking at the eye-level clouds I was about to drive into. Until the pretty mountains shrouded Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Nov 16, 2014
  • Presidential PleasantriesI hadn't planned to stop by Mt. Rushmore initially. It actually hadn't even crossed my mind. Someone mentioned it to me, and it went right in one ear and and out the other. It just wasn't something I was very Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Nov 14, 2014
  • Long Distance Works SometimesThe amazing thing about how I chose to do my road trip, aka mostly by the seat of my pants, is that I can change my mind about where I go, when I go, and how long I stay. I have Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Nov 4, 2014
  • And here we go...As most of my friends know I will be off for a couple of months to travel again. This time it will take me all around the world to primarily Australia and New Zealand. And yes, I will be going Posted by jan.wegener in Jan Goes Down Under | Nov 1, 2014
  • 'Letters From The Amazon' Audio Story Book Episode Six [float=left][b]“There's something about saying the word 'jungle' which immediately invites the thoughts of danger and intense curiosity: a secret Utopia which only the bolde Posted by SalBolton82 in Letters From The Amazon | Oct 27, 2014
  • A Soft Start So I definitely cushioned my beginning, which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering I was starting from a very settled point. My first stop was my (ex-)school, [b]Sarah Lawrence[/b Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Oct 21, 2014
  • My Own Backyard==The opening blog post is always awkward.== You have to think about who's going to be reading it. Friends? Family? Lover(s)? Strangers? Facebook creepers? And cater to them all. Too much intro to yourself/your trip and it'll seem funny to Posted by katie_rose in My Own Backyard | Oct 14, 2014
  • VolverI have a bed, a room, a car, and responsibilities to attend to. So I guess I live here now! [center][/center] Everything is the same, ye Posted by Zaspirucho in Thoughts from afar | Oct 10, 2014
  • All the possibilities.... Posted by Ciara-Gissane in My adventures | Oct 6, 2014
  • Dubai - Oman Hatta DessertDubai does not have the best climate. In fact it was terribly hot in the day time. Although everything in Dubai is air-conditioned, EVERYTHING! Including bus stops! I realized it wasn’t something to fancy about, instead it was a necessity! Posted by AkshayBhagat in Travel Diaries | Sep 23, 2014
  • Hasta luego Seattle, I love you!It is hard to put into words how fortunate I am. I am so full of love for my family, friends and the emerald city I have called home most of my life. It is with this beautiful foundation I Posted by misskailyn in Miss Kailyn: An American in Gap Year | Sep 3, 2014
  • Introducing: "Gentleman Adventurer"- Dear Reader, as of 01. January 2019, I have migrated my travel blog to [[|]] See you there, if you like ... Thank you for more than 1.000.000 page views ! Luxury Rogue - Posted by LuxuryRogue in Gentleman Adventurer | Jun 10, 2019
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