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Travel Blogs Entries tagged 'canyons'

  • Beauty in the Northern Black HillsFirst, in case you are wondering why they are called the Black Hills, just look at these photos. ===Spearfish Canyon= Posted by mrb430 in Arrr Adventures | May 18, 2018
  • Arequipa and the Colca cañonOne city I hadn't had the chance the visit when I first travelled to Peru two years ago was the colonial town of Arequipa, located near Cuzco and not too far from the Bolivian and Chilean borders. The city actually Posted by manolo84 in Around The World in 370 days | Nov 20, 2013
  • A Taste of the Desert Day 3We woke up in each others arms, which probably had more to do with the chilliness of the morning than our mutual desire to snuggle. We shared a breakfast of champions – puffin cereal & soy milk - but forgot Posted by Yonderlust in Yonderlust | Oct 4, 2013
  • A Taste of the Desert Day 2Wake up late at 9AM (which feels like 11AM for us, we lost 2 hours). We took advantage of the free breakfast at Care Oscars Bed & Breakfast then drove our little putt-putt (which is what we named our car) Posted by Yonderlust in Yonderlust | Oct 2, 2013
  • A Taste of the Desert Day 1The day felt like it went on forever, and it nearly did, as it began at 6:30AM and didn't end until 3:00AM. We made a lot of ground, touching down in four states in one 24 hour period. We hopped Posted by Yonderlust in Yonderlust | Oct 1, 2013
  • Arizona, Colorado, Utah & WyomingI left California and headed east through Phoenix, Arizona to Denver, Colorado where my brother Hugh and his fiancé Fiona live. After 6 weeks of travel, only staying in the same place a couple of times, it was great to Posted by joachim_d in Unemployed and Homeless | May 29, 2013
  • Two Thousand Miles in 22 Days: On The Path Of Sacred PoolsOn the Path of the Sacred Pools I awoke at dawn to the smells of cold dew covering the ground of a wet pine forest, and of robins singing their sweet morning songs. I looked out and saw three deer foraging Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Apr 17, 2012
  • Utah/ArizonaNavajo NAtion has a lot to offer. Monument Valley is one of the many scenic areas in the Valley of Rocks When you look at monuments-buttes, mesas, canyons and free standing rock for Posted by danabby in keep moving forward | Feb 4, 2012
  • Canyons of Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilI have never gone to the Grand Canyon in the United States, as I always felt there are so many, almost, undiscovered places in the world who are not yet over run by tourists. One day I will go to Posted by erodrigo in Garfield around the world | Feb 2, 2012
  • A Trek Into the Guadalupe Mountains Wilderness The rugged Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas are located about one hundred miles northeast of El Paso, and sixty miles south of Carlsbad, New Mexico. They are pretty much smack in the Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Nov 14, 2011
  • Deep Underground: The Hueco Tanks and Carlsbad Caverns“One night a wild young cowboy came in, wild as the west Texas wind.” Marty Robbins I understand these lyrics a lot better now. I have a full appreciation of the wind that whips the grassland and mountains of west Texas. Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Nov 7, 2011
  • Deepest and biggest -size matters in Kings Canyon & Sequoia With lots of driving ahead of us to get to our next destination, we got up early and headed for a quick coffee and breakfast in the motel before hitting the road. At least that was the plan. Breakfast Posted by TheDukes in Roughing It? | Sep 27, 2011
  • ZION CANYONZion Canyon is another gem of Southern Utah! "Our little corner of Heaven" locals call Zion. Indeed, with sheer, milky-white cliffs and pristine, curtained waterfalls, Zion is the most beautiful place in the west [img= Posted by danabby in Family Hikes | Sep 9, 2011
  • Bryce Canyon"Lets" fun begin" with words of excitment we started to go down to Queen's Garden trail. We could not find Navajo Loop in the beginning and not because it was d Posted by danabby in Family Hikes | Sep 7, 2011
  • In The Company of Birds and BeesFar back in a desert arroyo, in the depths of a narrow slot canyon, there is an oasis that belongs to the birds and the bees. This place is very near where rain water begins its brief journey Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Apr 8, 2011
  • Something For Every Pallete After our whirlwind tour of the famous Mendoza wine region, we decided to spend a more indulgent three days in the small, laid-back town of Cafayate in Northern Argentina. This endearing wine town lies in the Valles Calchaquies, a region Posted by tlbaker in Baker's Breadcrumbs | Apr 7, 2011
  • Southwest Trip 2011 Day 4Our last day on our SW adventure dawned clear and cold. It was in the 30s when we headed for the BF room. Good selection: hot & cold cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, toast, rolls, hot/cold beverages. After BF we loaded Posted by vegasmike6 in Mike's Adventures | Feb 6, 2011
  • Returning To Palouse FallsReturning to Palouse Falls was one of the better decisions I’ve made lately. To make it happen, I had to stay awake for what turned out to be 23 hours straight. I’ve been adapting well to long hours and little Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Nov 8, 2010

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