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  • The Camel and Three BeautiesCappadocia, August 29th 2012 In [[|Strange Chimneys of the Fairies]] I mentioned about how the eruption of 3 mountains surrounding Cappadocia had created fairy chimneys. [img=https://photos.travellerspoint.c Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Apr 3, 2013
  • Pottery & Wine in CappadociaCappadocia, August 29th 2012 It felt more like a home cave than a restaurant. Impressive architecture, romantic environment. [[|Seyyah Han]] was the name. Meal exclude drink was already included in our tour fee. That contained Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Apr 1, 2013
  • Strange Chimneys of the FairiesCappadocia, August 29th 2012 Quoting from "The Rough Guide to Turkey": [i]The peaks of three volcanoes -- Erciyes, Hasan, and Melendiz Daglan -- dominate Cappadocia. It wa Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Mar 31, 2013
  • Back on the Track in CappadociaCappadocia, August 29th 2012 If there was anything I could wish for in Cappadocia, it was a companion. But, with a certain requirement, which is... uhm, no! Which are, capable of paying attention to every word of the tour guide's information Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Mar 25, 2013
  • Taking Tours in CappadociaCappadocia, August 29th 2012 "Which tour did you take today? The green one or the red one?" [[|Barbara]] asked me in the evening. "Green? Red? We didn't wear any band or tag..." I was confused. [img=https://photos. Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Mar 24, 2013
  • On the Highest Level in CappadociaCappadocia, August 29th 2012 "Let me think where from to start." Naturally I'm not a fan of cats, because cats occasionally poo on my yard, climb on my roof, and once fell into Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Mar 23, 2013
  • Cappadocia: Caves and ConversationsThe day was supposed to be rainy but dawned fairly clear and bright, albeit with a briskness to the air, common to Cappadocia. Upon checking out of our hotel, we realized a pleasant surprise as the two large, excellent meals Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Mar 20, 2013
  • When You Visit Cappadocia, Remember!From Nevşehir to Göreme, August 29th 2012 I am truly grateful for a blog post I read somewhere and I am so sorry I don't remember where it was. Otherwise I could have shared the link here. In that post it Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Mar 16, 2013
  • Rolling to CappadociaFrom Bursa to Cappadocia, August 28-29th 2013 I'm moving towards next destination: Cappadocia. Who doesn't know Cappadocia? When I said I was going to Turkey, they said to me, "You Posted by automidori in A Thread of Silk | Mar 13, 2013
  • Göreme and CappadociaAfter Pammukale we caught the overnight bus to Göreme to spend a couple of days in Cappadocia. The trip really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Obviously it wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had, but I did manage Posted by kmclean in Canadian Students Abroad | Feb 28, 2013
  • Sad Goodbye To CappadociaWe spent our last day in Cappadocia hiking among 2 of the beautiful valleys. We started things off by waking up before dawn to hike into Love Valley. We knew this was the area many of the hot air balloons Posted by onerufflife in Mike and Meagan's Travel Blog | Oct 13, 2012
  • Real Life Flintstones - Adventures in Cappadocia Part 3We'd already explored some of Cappadocia's breathtaking scenery from the ground and the air. What could be left? The underground cities, of course! After our balloon ride that morning, we set off from Goreme using the local bus system. The Posted by onerufflife in Mike and Meagan's Travel Blog | Oct 10, 2012
  • Bad To The Bone - Adventures in Cappadocia Part 1The past few days Meagan and I have been thoroughly enjoying our most recent destination, Goreme. It is a small town located in a region known as Cappadocia. The region is best known for its moon-like rock formations Posted by onerufflife in Mike and Meagan's Travel Blog | Oct 8, 2012
  • Turkey's hidden treasure: Cappadocia==Cappadocia== When I initially started planning the Cappadocia sector of my trip, one of the common consensus was: 1 day is plenty, just go for the hot air balloon. After sp Posted by jessho in Worldwide Travels | Sep 26, 2012
  • Cappadocia Rocks!One of the amazing things about our travels on this trip is the variety of landscapes we have been through. From the modernised cities like London, the rolling hills of Scotland, the Imperialistic romanticism of Paris and Vienna, the canals Posted by Clayton30 in Heiho | Jun 12, 2012
  • TurkeyIstanbul My husband and I arrived in Istanbul after a pleasantly short flight from Cairo. We were met at the airport by the hotel pick up service and started the 40 minute drive to Sultanahmet. I was instantly impressed by the Posted by lucid in Middle East Overland | Jan 21, 2012
  • Up Up and AwayLeaving Istanbul was a lot easier than predicted and before we knew it we were on the motorway. Although we did have to reverse out of a toll gate because we didn’t have the swipe card, duh, which some sympathetic Posted by Ange and Adam in Ange and Adam's European Adventure | Jul 15, 2011
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