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  • New Zealand - Glow worms to Geothermals Thursday 28th January 2016 Waitomo and Hells Gate, Rotorua We left Auckland after a nice breakfast, making sure it was after 9am to avoid the rush. The drive on State Highway 1 took us quickly out of the Auckland area and Posted by PetersF in New Zealand | Mar 14, 2021
  • Belize : Barton Creek, Butterfly FarmSaturday 27th July Horse ride, Barton Creek and Butterflies We woke up so, so early, it was barely dawn. I went to the private balcony to watch the sun come up and (because of our Peru rainforest trip) we knew most Posted by PetersF in Belize | Feb 21, 2021
  • Ellora CavesSo I have had some time to look back at some of my previous journeys, and I realised that I haven't done many slideshows of India, even though I have visited it often, and for long periods of time. So for Posted by TheJohnsons in India Beautiful India | Sep 17, 2020
  • Tham Sam Rock Art in Phang NgaDuring the summer break and trying to dodge tropical storms, On my way home from Krabi we stopped at this much missed, but beautiful calm place . A real gem and worth the visit. We had the place to ourselves Posted by TheJohnsons in Thailand The Johnsons | Sep 2, 2020
  • Tiger Cave Temple or Wat Tham SuaOne of the interesting places I visit during my summer break, down in Krabi. The walk up the stairs (1,237 steps) to the big Buddha footprint, was beyond me at the time of day we arrived, as it was beyond Posted by TheJohnsons in Thailand The Johnsons | Aug 30, 2020
  • St. Herman's Cave and the OTHER Blue HoleSunday 8 March 1998 Bob trekked the stuff to the car and we checked out of Tradewinds. Janice was really angry at some excursion people who were invading her property with the intention of picnicking. We got gas and we Posted by greatgrandmaR in Diving from Belize to Cozumel in 1998 | Mar 8, 1998
  • behaving like a real tourist coz that's just what we are!!!I don’t know what happened overnight, but unlike the previous night where I had the best sleep ever, tonight, I probably had the worst night of my entire trip. I couldn’t sleep at all, my nose kept running, my troat was Posted by Ils1976 in New Zealand | Jun 2, 2020
  • on higher groundsWaking up with the sun shining and seeing the impressive karst mountains which surrounds Vang Vieng is nothing more than breathtaking and I could easily watched it for hours and hours, but first we went for a sturdy breakfast as Posted by Ils1976 in Laos & Cambodia with a Thai ending | Apr 30, 2020
  • to the caves!Today we had yet another start at 8.30 AM and once again with a few other couples of our group, we went on another excursion organized by Nuna, our Thai guide of whom after spending only half a day, already Posted by Ils1976 in Laos & Cambodia with a Thai ending | Apr 26, 2020
  • Day 7- Waitomo CavesWe left Michaella’s nice and early for our shortish drive to the caves. There was nothing particularly spectacular above the drive other than it was my (Andy) turn to take the wheel.... eeek! With Izzy as my first passenger since Posted by Bears on Tour in Bears on Tour | Dec 12, 2019
  • further southwards on Highway 1My gosh … who in their right mind invents such a thing as an alarm clock! The bloody thing is making such a noise and I have a difficult job finding it. My cell phone hits the floor and luckily Posted by Ils1976 in Socialist Republic of Vietnam | Nov 3, 2019
  • on route to one of the new 7 wonders of NatureOnce again I had a good night’s sleep and I am even thinking of staying here in Hanoi for the remaining of the trip. I even slept better than I do at home, maybe that’s because now I don’t have Posted by Ils1976 in Socialist Republic of Vietnam | Nov 3, 2019
  • Take A Trip to Furong Cave in WulongFurong River is a large tributary of the left bank of the lower reaches of the Wujiang River. It originates from Guizhou Province. The drainage area is more than 7,360 square kilometers and the river is about 230 kilometers long. Posted by CicyYang in Furong Cave in Wulong | Oct 20, 2019
  • Cooler in Cappadocia After last night's storm we had started to become a little paranoid. As we were flying into Kayseri airport, Chris asked if that was lightning he had seen outside. It was just the lights on the wing Posted by kmmk17 in World Travels | Sep 29, 2019
  • Penn's CaveWe went with a group of local families to see nearby Penn’s Cave. There are several activities there, and my crew did everything. Our first stop was the wildlife tour, which is conducted on a safari-type bus. Most of the animals Posted by amikulski in Family Travel Files | Jul 14, 2019
  • RTW 2019: Rapa Nui[center][/center] 6/25/19 at 2101 Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile Fun fact: day old lengua sandwich tastes much better than it sounds. It was quite the Posted by WanderingWorld in Enjoying the Banquet | Jul 9, 2019
  • Scotland Slowly, Day 3Greetings from Scotland, just off of Staffa! Let’s begin today’s wee tale with last night. At dinner, Joe and I were presented with a small cake, in celebration of our anniversary. Our actual anniversary isn’t until August, but Posted by LoonBin in Scotland 2019-- Islands and Speyside | Jun 23, 2019
  • Arjuna's Penance -MahabalipuramDuring my four month trip in late 2015 to Southern India, I visited the state of Tamil Nadu, here in Mahabalipuram I saw many of the wonderful Monuments there. This one is affectionately known as Arjuna's Penance, and competes with Posted by TheJohnsons in India Beautiful India | May 23, 2019
  • Ice caveThis morning, we woke a bit later than usual, but still with plenty of time for a calm breakfast. I made the spaetzel and cheese that I had bought at the Hallstatt grocery store yesterday. The process wasn't too different Posted by spsadventures in Adventures by spsadventures | May 10, 2019
  • SlovakiaSlovakia was an interesting and fun experience. I quite honestly didn't have this country on my initial "places to visit list" and I can't really say any of Eastern Europe was on my list, but Slovakia changed my mind. And Posted by LCP in The Adventures of Penny's People | Mar 25, 2019
  • Ban Tham Lod, ThailandMy business card says “Professional Adventurer” but even I can’t believe the adventure I took booking an out of the way jungle “luxury homestay for 3 nights. [img= Posted by Nsevers in On the Road Again | Dec 31, 2018
  • Petchaburi,Thailand 19th Century Cave TempleWe are going south of Bangkok to Hua Hin for a few days. I had the chance to visit this extraordinary Temple in 2006 when nearby on my own. About 1 & 1/2 hours south of Bangkok and a little Posted by Nsevers in On the Road Again | Nov 27, 2018
  • Sandy Cape, WAWhat to do when the school schedules a pupil free day for the Friday of a long weekend?... Organise a camping trip further afield! Well, in this instance, it was more like suggest the idea to my sister's and Posted by Goannaray in Exploring with Goannaray | Aug 11, 2018
  • The Big Year Out-GaochangGaochang Here from my epic journey on the silk route in 2012/13 is my look at Gaochang in China. It was one of the highlights for me of the trip, I am a bit into ancient sites, I have a great Posted by TheJohnsons in The Silk Route & SEA 2012 The Johnsons | Jun 28, 2018
  • Mosque, Museum, Souk, Ayoub's Tomb, Mughsail blowhole Wandering bleary-eyed onto the balcony at 07:30 this morning, we are amazed to see that all the sunbeds around the pool are still free. There is not a single 'reserved towel' to be seen. How very refreshing. [img= Posted by Grete Howard in Grete's Travels | Feb 21, 2018

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