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  • Cradle of HumankindSet off from Waterval Boven, where we'd stayed the previous night, for our last couple of days in South Africa. Headed to an area called the Cradle of Humankind - a world heritage site famous for its archeological finds, Posted by RaiSmith in Rai's Adventures | Nov 1, 2009
  • The Peg (The grand plan)Well, the first leg of our journey has begun. After making a scene on the bus, we managed to survive with our heads still attatched (Rachaels is looking a little wobbly though). We reunited with our lovely winnipeg companions just Posted by eurogirls in Euro Bound | Nov 1, 2009
  • BACK HOME-EN CASA OSolo han sido 8 dias los que he pasado con los Penan. Desde luego no suficiente. Ni por asomo. Pero ha sido suficiente tiempo para que mi alma diese una vuelta y cambiase mi vida. Siempre me costo creer en Posted by Irati in Sacred Quest | Oct 28, 2009
  • BACK HOMEIt was only for 8 days that I got to be with the Penan. Certainly not enough. Not even close. However, it was enough to flip my soul over and change my life. I was always reluctant to the idea that Posted by Irati in Sacred Quest | Oct 28, 2009
  • Face MasksSo the Taiwanese do not like disease. At the sign of a sniffle, masks go on faster than you can say, "Luke I am your father!" H1N1 is a big thing here. Of course, anywhere. Take your Posted by bricker119 in East Taiwan | Oct 27, 2009
  • Making Travel More Meaningful--When I left to sail around the world, I had no idea how far I would get; but four years later I returned with a lot of stories to tell about the islanders I had met along the way. As Posted by VOTW in VOICES ON THE WIND | Oct 21, 2009
  • Turning pointI've been noticing that Rosa doesn't have that much patience for my limited Spanish. I don' blame her! Sometimes she either gives up or asks her daughter Luisa to translate. Luckily it seems that a couple of nights ago I Posted by nawaf in The Waffle Flight | Oct 15, 2009
  • Good boy. Sit!I started Spanish class on Monday. The school is in the heart of Antigua. Rosa´s house is about a 20-min chicken bus ride and the school is about a 10-min walk from the bus station. The chicken bus ride is Posted by nawaf in The Waffle Flight | Oct 13, 2009
  • LotteriesWouldn't it be nice if just by living, that special day would come when you just got 1,000,000 dollars. If everyday was a chance to win, just by doing your everyday activity. You didn't have to get into Posted by bricker119 in East Taiwan | Oct 13, 2009
  • Welcome To My Fake LifeOk seriously. When will the work ever go away? Is this going to get easier? Yes, I know this is a master’s program but still. If it wasn’t 2am I would scream so loud right now! The Class: Luxury Marketing The Project: La Posted by harcegnt in An American In Paris | Oct 11, 2009
  • Welcome Bag & Welcome Party十月以至,开学的气氛越来越浓烈。路过学校附近的地铁站,就有人在热情地向路人分发“Welcome bag”,绿色的环保袋子,里面有三瓶饮料和一小袋坚果以及其他一些广告,免费赠送的,作为穷学生的我们当然很开心啦! 听说主教学楼的零层也会时不时发一些饼干,呵呵,什么时候能让我遇上呢? 今晚,10.8,周四,各个学生公寓楼貌似都有开自己的“Welcome Party”,WU也专门在多瑙运河的一个大船上开了一个Party。我和北大的一个同学去转了一圈,没有什么好吃的,都是饮料不说,还好贵,因此作罢,直接打道回 Posted by Kisu in Life@Wien | Oct 8, 2009
  • Staccato Points Soo tired after a long yet eventfull day, so I am going to do this blog in little bullet points. ~We finally got the internet at my place! So happy about it. Now i can use the net when ever Posted by jauntypag in Savoir Vivre: Life in France | Oct 8, 2009
  • The ㅏ (a) ㅂ (bieup) ㅅ (siot)s of hangulJun is a fantastic, clear teacher and this video series is a good introduction to the basics of Korean. I hope to borrow Elaine's Rosetta Stone lessons for speaking skills but for now, it would be such a relief to Posted by H Kingrey in A Ramblin' Redhead | Oct 7, 2009
  • The Eiffel Tower Out My WindowLast week I resumed French classes again, after a two week stint of none. I had taken the intensive session of French at the IES Center but now that I am at NEGOCIA, it was necessary to enroll in French Posted by harcegnt in An American In Paris | Oct 7, 2009
  • If you chase two rabbits......they both will get away. That was the statement we were asked to evaluate in our marketing course today. Today was the first day of my International Marketing class. I have taken a fundamental principles of marketing course but had never in Posted by harcegnt in An American In Paris | Oct 6, 2009
  • Bolivia - Land Of Extremes BOLIVIA is a country of extremes. It is rich in natural resources such as tin and silver, as well as oil and natural gas but the majority live in poverty or near poverty. It is officially S Posted by donncha in Where Roads Don't Go | Oct 5, 2009
  • Drinking in Class?In a good half of my classes, the professor and students find any reason possible to serve wine in class. Of course no Wine Marketing course would be complete with out samples every day but in Corporate Strategy and Intercultural Posted by harcegnt in An American In Paris | Oct 5, 2009
  • Pre。这学期的课程安排交换这一学期课业方面的目标:尽量替代下学期的课,因此数据结构和计算机网络要选;尽量选择必修和限选类的课,并且限选类尽量选择金融与会计方面的,因此选择管理会计和财务报表分析;下学期回去后要面临GMAT、TOEFL、暑期实习申请和学校申请的多重任务,能提前学一点必修课也是好的,况且我本来修的学分就不够多,为了未来几个学期能顺利迎接更新更大的挑战,这个学期多学点也是好的,因此剩下的两门必修课生产与运作管理和专家决策系统也就是最好的选择了。 因此,现在的“最终版”最初课表是:6门课,其中4门必修+2门限选。语言 Posted by Kisu in Life@Wien | Oct 4, 2009
  • New York City 2009New York City 2009 Michael and I made our second trip to New York, September 24-26. We fought our way from Kennedy Airport in Queens to Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan. We again ferried to the Statue Posted by Jim Colyer in Las Vegas 1993 | Oct 3, 2009
  • Museums in Punta Arenas Do you have some hours in Punta Arenas? Would you like to learn and discover about the history, culture, religion, fauna, flora and domestic trade? If the answer is yes, then “Maggiorino Borgatello” is the right museum for you. This historical Posted by ChileGuide in Chilean Tourism Network | Oct 3, 2009
  • Exchanging Ideas and InformationSince concluding our journey with Amizade we have encountered many individuals who were traveling with service in mind, from people who resided in the areas to others who were tourists like us looking to make a difference even if it Posted by JoeEKateD in Global Service Learning and Citizenship | Oct 2, 2009
  • Good People Along the WayThroughout our travels, we have consistently had the pleasure of explaining our trip to various people we have encountered over the past few months. All of the people we have talked with seemed generally impressed and happy with the work Posted by JoeEKateD in Global Service Learning and Citizenship | Oct 2, 2009
  • Eternal Olive Olea Europaea or Olive tree (from Greek word elaion). It was purely a matter of local pride that the Athenians claimed that the olive first grew in Athens. In an archaic Athen Posted by Kevrekidis in Kevrekidis | Sep 27, 2009
  • Here goes...It has been three weeks since I have been in Costa Rica with the SFS program and have enjoyed every minute of it. The Costa Ricans have been very friendly and tranquil and the program intense and educational. I have Posted by touché in Last School Semester | Sep 27, 2009
  • Is there an end to September?September beginning of school here at Guangya School has certainly became very chaotic and insanely taking a lifetime to end. Sure, I understand 'back to school' is usually crazy and trying to understand the schedule, however, this start was INSANE!!! Posted by mskaye in Life as a TESOL Teacher | Sep 23, 2009
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