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  • Planning the Trip All of a sudden I decided I had better take another trip to Europe while I was still capable of traveling on a tight budget. If I can do it, anybody can do it. I am 68 Posted by CherylGypsyRose in Cheap Seats At The Opera | Feb 20, 2018
  • German Christmas Markets - part 1==German country tour== In one day, and a couple hours worth of train rides, we left Luxembourg and checked out a few cities in the south western part of Germany: Saarbrucken and Mannheim. Saarbrucken is the capital of the smallest German Posted by MurkTravels in MurkTravels | Jan 16, 2018
  • Lux Christmas Markets==the Grand Duchy== Luxembourg is the world's only remaining grand duchy ... just meaning that the ruler is royalty with the title of Grand Duke. It's the 7th smallest country in Europe, and 28th smallest overall. It's quite the blend of Posted by MurkTravels in MurkTravels | Nov 25, 2017
  • 18 Months Of The London Life[center][/center] I can genuinely say that there have been a couple of occasions where I have genuinely got to a point where I couldn't stand the thought of staying in this city one second lon Posted by rj2v in Travel, Tattoos & Tea | Nov 28, 2017
  • BRUGES Just a 75 minute train ride away from Brussels lies Bruges, the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium. It is probably one of European's most loved and pic Posted by curlygirl in One mom, one son, one world | Oct 8, 2017
  • Paris Perfect Originally my ticket from RUH to CDG was booked under QR (Qatar Airways) via DOHA, but with the latest diplomatic issue between KSA and QATAR prior to my trip...voilah! flight was cancelled. And it took 3 weeks for QR Posted by Syampoo in Journey to the Arab Land | Aug 30, 2017
  • Okay, but first PARIS!!YASSSS!!!! at last I was able to obtain my Schengen Visa.... Its been a childhood dream to feel how to live like Parisians, see the Eiffel tower while eating ice cream, cruising along Seine River and time travelling in Chateau de Posted by Syampoo in Journey to the Arab Land | Aug 7, 2017
  • Bye, bye Asia – welcome EuropeEventually we headed to the railway station and boarded our train. In an attempt to save some money, I had booked train no. 69 instead of the faster trains no. 1 or no. 19. For the longest segment of our Posted by dreiumdiewelt in Our travel stories from around the world | Jul 1, 2017
  • Brussels After taking a packed out coach from Bremen at midnight, I arrived in Brussels at 7am and took my suitcases across the city to my hotel in the south. Already by half past 7, it was reachin Posted by kmmk17 in World Travels 🌍 | Jul 26, 2012
  • Crossing Borders in Europe[center][/center]If you are visiting France, you may want to take a few days or weeks to visit one or more of the surrounding countries. Posted by Beausoleil in Questions about France | Jun 18, 2017
  • Last dayWell, that's it, folks. It's 11:15am on my last day - airport transfer arriving at 3:30, so it's going to be a boring day & night. In case you were wondering, we didn't feel the quake that hit Lesbos Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 13, 2017
  • Day 14Starting at 10am on a bus, it was a massively long day. We drove to the opposite side of the island and down a steep, winding road to the port, to jump on board our masted vessel, the King Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 12, 2017
  • Day 12Santorini was back to her glorious best after yesterday's rain (remember, it NEVER rains in Santorini in June!) - hot, humid, sunny and not one cloud to be seen. After a full English brekkie, the tour began. First we went Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 9, 2017
  • To use a GPS or not use a GPS[center][/center] The GPS is fine but take a decent map. It's not just losing the signal (which happens everyplace including in o Posted by Beausoleil in Questions about France | Jun 7, 2017
  • Days 10 & 11Yesterday was mostly spent on a bus from Delphi to Athens. There aren't many options for that trip - with nothing between 5:45am and 11am departures. I took the 11am (read: 11:20am on Greek time), although if anything Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 7, 2017
  • Day 9Today I had thought about going to the coast, but decided I'd take a bit of a rest day instead. Then I realised I had missed seeing one of the key ruins in Delphi - the Temple of Athena. Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 5, 2017
  • Day 8Bit of a long, lyrical one today - had to be considering the subject matter. Feel free to just look at the pics, if you prefer - I won't be testing you on it! Yes, Delphi town is lovely, but Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 4, 2017
  • Day 7(Those who are friends with me on Facebook can skip the first bit - you already know the story) I have 3 bags with me - a small shoulder bag for every day, a tote bag with my camera & tablet Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 3, 2017
  • Day 6Today dawned bright, hot & clear again - stinking hot, basically. The tour van picked me up on time at 9am & we started with a short drive around the town here in Kalambaka. Β It's a really nice town with Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | Jun 2, 2017
  • Day 4Lykavittos Hill has appeared in so many of my photos of Athens, both on this trip, and the previous one 6 years ago. Whether it's been a photo taken from the Acropolis, of the Acropolis or from Filopappos Hill, there Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | May 31, 2017
  • Day 3So much for my "earlyish" start at the Acropolis! I'll have to start setting my alarm - my room is below street level & has only small high windows, so I don't get woken by the light (yes, I Posted by judesbucketlist in Greece 2017 | May 30, 2017
  • Wales - April & May 2017 North Wales, two weeks at the end of April – start of May, warm and sunny every day and no rain. Impossible, or so we thought, no its true, we have just experienced it. So lucky. Wales is a country within Posted by MAd4travel in MAd4Travel | May 16, 2017
  • ChichesterWhy: Invited to a friends wedding party at Oving Jubilee Hall, near to Chichester. Home away from home: Airbnb. ( Where I went + what I did: Chichester Canal - a lovely place for a slow walk. Posted by Lets go to..... in exploring the planet one city at a time | May 7, 2017
  • Slovenia: March-April 2017Ten days of socialising in the UK, then it was off to Slovenia. A small country with a population of 2 million situated in southeast Europe and sandwiched between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Right from the taxi ride from the Posted by MAd4travel in MAd4Travel | May 5, 2017
  • Sovereign State Ground RulesLate on in 2016 I decided to reevaluate some life goals. The one that made it to the top of the list was "visit every country in Europe before I'm 30", and hopefully this blog will track my progress from Posted by beth_may in European Travel Ticks | May 1, 2017
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