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  • Otavalo and a little bit moreSurprisingly enough I slept quite alright and although I woke up a few times around 3 and 5 AM, when our alarm clock finally went off at 6.30  AM, I was quite awake and ready to start the day! After we've got Posted by Ils1976 in Ecuador & Galapagos ... me gusta mucho! | Jul 22, 2021
  • Friendship Beach- Chalong-PhuketEscapism for those that seek it! Part of the reason for me moving to Thailand, was to get away from People? Hahaha I hear you say, on a beach?but actually there are many places you can go to get away from direct Posted by TheJohnsons in Thailand The Johnsons | Mar 15, 2020
  • Planting snowdropsPart of my time travelling was to get involved with volunteering where ever I can. But the first few weeks I have been learning the ropes. I have done the voluntary litter pick on the beach and now I am heading to Posted by tjcampergirl in TJ Camper Girl | Oct 9, 2019
  • Valetta seen from aboveUnfortunately it was our last full day here on the island and since we didn’t immediately knew where to go to, my mum offered to go back to Valetta again. Instead of going by ferry, this time around we took the Posted by Ils1976 in Malta & Gozo | Aug 24, 2019
  • the incredible island that is GozoOne of the perks of getting out of bed early is the chance of seeing a really beautiful sunrise. I think it is just so sad that it is over so quickly, maybe that is why everyone enjoys that moment Posted by Ils1976 in Malta & Gozo | Aug 24, 2019
  • it’s all about boats today!One of the main reasons for me coming to this island, was because of those beautiful tiny fishing boats Malta is so famous for. They are just way beautiful in my book and now that I was on the island, Posted by Ils1976 in Malta & Gozo | Aug 24, 2019
  • Mdina, the not so silent cityUnlike the past few days, today we decided to leave at a more decent hour, so after breakfast we walked towards the bus stop across the street and a little past 9 AM our bus towards the city of Mdina Posted by Ils1976 in Malta & Gozo | Aug 24, 2019
  • first impressions of beautiful ValettaDid I mentioned this was going to be a relaxing holiday!? :) After yet again sleeping in and having a more than yummy breakfast, the three of us just lingered around the hotel and surprisingly enough met up with a nice Posted by Ils1976 in Malta & Gozo | Aug 24, 2019
  • taking things easyAlthough I must say that I slept rather well, I somehow woke up very early but not early enough apparently coz I missed out on a beautiful sunrise. The sun was already there, but still feeling so tired, I just Posted by Ils1976 in Malta & Gozo | Aug 24, 2019
  • Romantische Strasse30/05/2019 let the road trip begin! This holiday was long awaited and to be honest I was counting the months ever since I booked the hotels and looked at the route I was going to drive in the upcoming week. The Posted by Ils1976 in Germany | Aug 21, 2019
  • Paderborner Land15/07/17 prelude : this is just me being excited! Holiday! The best word there is in my book to be honest and after months and months of doing nothing else but work and of course spending some time with the relatives Posted by Ils1976 in Germany | Aug 11, 2019
  • VISITING WITH FRIENDSHello there! Since my last communication our social life has been very busy. We left Jacques Cartier State Park for the yard of our friends, Joe & Charlene Ott where we stayed for 3 nights. During this time we Posted by dixter in Dick's Travels | Aug 8, 2019
  • German Fairy Tale Route25/06/15 how things evolve Coming back from Budapest, I didn’t had much time to think about anything else except work and it amazed me how quick a month went by. I needed a break urgently after spending more than a month at Posted by Ils1976 in Germany | Aug 11, 2019
  • more sightseeing and meeting up with the familyYesterday evening my brother and Mingzhu needed to make a selection of their wedding pictures out of hundred and hundreds of pictures just to bring them this morning to the photographer to be edited into "special" pictures. While this was happening, Posted by Ils1976 in Shanghai and lots, lots more! | Aug 4, 2019
  • enjoying our last hours of sunshineYesterday I wasn't really in the mood for an early rise and shine but today was our last day here on our tiny atoll. I just wanted to make the most of it and for the very first time since Posted by Ils1976 in Sri Lanka & Maldives | Jul 28, 2019
  • a lazy Sunday on a tiny atol!Sunday is usually the day to rest and take things easy after a whole week of working, but now that we were on holiday, we decided to take things slow as well, so after we slowly woke up and got Posted by Ils1976 in Sri Lanka & Maldives | Jul 28, 2019
  • last hours on the mainlandSleeping in was just the thing we wanted to do the most, but on the other hand, we also wanted to see stilt fishing since this was well known for the country and we felt we didn't seen enough of Posted by Ils1976 in Sri Lanka & Maldives | Jul 28, 2019
  • a day exploring the cityJust like yesterday, today we had an early wake up call and to tell you the truth, this hurted a bit, especially when you know I only had a few hours of sleep, but on the other hand, we were Posted by Ils1976 in Sri Lanka & Maldives | Jul 28, 2019
  • day filled with highlightsAnother early day awaited us, but this time the AC had nothing to do with it and unlike the previous hotel in Hendala, this time we had the opportunity to turn off the AC, as we did as soon as Posted by Ils1976 in Sri Lanka & Maldives | Jul 28, 2019
  • Amsterdam5 AM in the morning and especially on a Saturday morning sounds ridiculously early, but for one time I didn’t mind all that much coz I was just too excited to meet up with Nolan, his wife and some other Posted by Ils1976 in The Netherlands | Jul 29, 2019
  • The Final CountdownSince the safari, nothing has seemed that exciting. It’s the last week of projects, and I’m ready to leave. Although I feel sad when I think about leaving, I think it’s just a natural part of saying goodbye – especially Posted by kfkeane in South Africa | Jun 25, 2019
  • All of the Small ThingsI don’t know what it is, but I’ve been so tired lately. I didn’t run today; my alarm went off and immediately I said “nope!”. Project this morning was actually pretty fun! We were on physiotherapy, so we go to Posted by kfkeane in South Africa | Jun 17, 2019
  • First Day in the Villages(This post is from yesterday - 6/6/19 but wifi wasn't in the picture) Hi guys, so while the WiFi is off at the Lodge, I may have trouble responding to comments :( I’m sorry. The worst part of being here is Posted by kfkeane in South Africa | Jun 7, 2019
  • An Irish SpringAlaska was an incredible albeit cold summer vacation for 2018, so when it came time for 2019 trip planning, warmth was on the docket. Shorts, warmth and sun were in the plans until an advertisement for Ireland caught our attention. Posted by darrenesl in Darren and Terri's Travels | Apr 2, 2019
  • Welcome to Cairo!If I were to describe my journey in a compact entry, besides cultural highlights like the pyramids and temples, Egypt is also home to impressive landscapes; desolate white and black sand, lime and basalt deserts with bizarre rock formations. Outside Posted by M.J 9-D in Mohammad Jawad's travel blog! | Oct 29, 2018

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