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  • Pukekos, glaciers and JadestoneIt felt kind of different to check out without having breakfast to eat, but this hotel didn’t serve any breakfast. The guide had reserved tables for breakfast at a restaurant just outside of Fox Glacier. [center][img= Posted by bejjan in New Zealand and Australia | Oct 21, 2018
  • Aug 15, 16, 17 - Stewart BC, and Hyder AKAfter our couple of days in Dease Lake, and our trip out the Telegraph Creek Road, it was time to move on to Stewart BC. The 450 kilometer drive was uneventful. The road is narrow, winding, but well Posted by Rooseboom-Scott in Tony and Jen's R-Pod Adventure | Aug 19, 2017
  • Day 5 On Friday we spent the day in Skaftafell National Park. For those of yip following us on a map, it is a large national park in the south east. Gitta and Mel went on a glacier walk. When we Posted by Vita and Mel in Iceland June 2017 | Jun 16, 2017
  • Chapter 2: Iceland. One thing I've always found crazy about life in general, and travelling in particular, is how we come across the people we meet. Go back just a few weeks and myself, Klara, Emma and Arnold were all in completely different Posted by Daniel.J.B in Another travel blog | May 22, 2016
  • My Icelandic SagaNot everyone is lucky enough to find themselves recently single, horribly sick, and flying to a foreign country within two days – envy me, because I have been that fortunate. Two days before my much anticipated trip to Iceland, I Posted by madrugada in Destination (Un)known. | Mar 5, 2016
  • Banff:Everyone assumed that if we were going to see the Canadian Rockies that we must be intending to take the Rocky Mountaineer with its amazing views through rooftop windows in the carriages, etc. But have you seen how much Posted by OwenGadflies in Go North East, New Retirees | Sep 27, 2015
  • Wandering DaughterThis is a slight cheat with both my title and subheading being songs, but I couldn't quite bring myself to have Ice Ice Baby as the song represented by this blog, plus it doesn't quite account for the whole period Posted by SpannaB in Around the world in 80 songs | Mar 3, 2015
  • "Living" A VacationI write this blog, based on a recent South America trip (Brazil & Argentina) taken by me and my wife. This has been perhaps the most experiential vacation for us and the memories from this vacation would stay close to Posted by rahulr7 in "Living" A Vacation | Feb 8, 2015
  • Back on the Wagon - Off to Iceland!Bryan’s European Jaunt Part Deux! After 6 weeks back in the US, I’m back at it traveling around Europe. The time off worked out perfectly - in the past 6 weeks I: - Spent 2 of those in SF for Brad Posted by danza in There and back again | Jun 24, 2014
  • ICELAND Day Fimm ==Day Five== Just to sound like broken records we were up early again as we had a long day of driving ahead of us- just for something different! Although we knew that this drive would be Posted by andrewemma in Let's Go Get Lost | May 4, 2014
  • Torres del PaineHappy new year and all the best for 2014!! It's been now a bit more than 7 months that I have started my travelling quest and I have to say that I have never seen the time flying so quickly... Posted by manolo84 in Around The World in 370 days | Jan 9, 2014
  • The Perito Moreno glacier[float=left][/float] [i] [b]Merry Christmas everyone! I know I know I am now quite late behind with the blog. Posted by manolo84 in Around The World in 370 days | Dec 24, 2013
  • Whitefish, MT [center]The 31 hour train journey to Whitefish was a breeze, honestly! On a train its so easy to break the time up - watch this, read that, go for dinner, have a beer, play cards, have a Posted by chiaramichael in 111 Days | Oct 6, 2013
  • Yodeling Under a GlacierIt is raining as I step off the number three bus and onto the side of the Mendenhall Loop Road. It has been raining since I woke up hung over at the Alaskan (a Juneau tradition), and it has been Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Jun 9, 2013
  • Dizzying Heights Post Lima gluttony we really thought we would put ourselves through some more altitude training and traipse back up to the Andes for a couple of day walks in the hills. In order to do t Posted by ladiesofleisure in A year or so of Misadventure and fun | Jun 7, 2013
  • Waking Up In SitkaI remember very clearly lying on a picnic table in Petersburg, Alaska. I said to my friend, “I wish we could do this all afternoon. We could get a bottle of wine, maybe do a crossword and fall asleep.” She Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | May 30, 2013
  • Following the Incas Who told them we were coming? The infamous Incan ruins of Machu Picchu are by our guestimation – on the t Posted by ladiesofleisure in A year or so of Misadventure and fun | May 29, 2013
  • Consider AlaskaConsidering Alaska Here are some things I’d like you to consider about Alaska. Male Orca This whale marks my first orca sighting of the season. This male carries a fin that Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | May 11, 2013
  • Backpacking down South Island's West CoastTravelling alone with everything on my back and a lot of distance to cover, joining a backpacking tour felt the best way to get the essential NZ South Island experience. Having settled into my hostel in Greymouth I wandered down Posted by FrancisRTW in My Career Break Trip around the World | Apr 6, 2013
  • JungfraujochJungfraujoch is a vantage point 11,782 feet (3,571 metres) up in the Swiss Alps & is about a 2 hour drive South West of Zurich. Posted by FrancisRTW in My Career Break Trip around the World | Feb 10, 2013
  • The Grand Finale: Four Alaskan JewelsI love the way Alaska says goodbye. I’ve spent a lot of time here this season-just shy of three months. There are so many moments, images and people to celebrate. I have sublime memories of it all. However, I feel Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Sep 12, 2012
  • Icebergs, Fox Fires, and Orca: An Alaskan Week to Remember I could see the mass of white blue ice floating on the placid rain speckled water of Williams Cove from the fantail of the ship. I asked our Bosun if he would drop some kayaks for two of my fri Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Aug 19, 2012
  • PatagoniaWe docked in Ushuaia on time and having survived being seasick on the Drake Passage again.  Captain Belugar said how lucky we had been with the weather during our expedition, in a Russian accent.  A delivery boy showed up as Posted by Graemeandmel in The Americas | Feb 20, 2012
  • The Best Day in Glacier Bay National Park The day began innocently enough. When I stepped into the daylight, my first sight was that of the Margerie glacier. It was a good first look at the world, its jagged ice face holding fast in th Posted by Rhombus in The Dusty Vagabond | Sep 10, 2011
  • The Icefields Parkway(Saturday, July 23rd to Sunday, July 24th) It did not occur to us as we pulled into our campsite just off The Icefields Parkway the other night that we were actually going to be sleeping in the company of Posted by simonge in Geoghegan Family Journey- Summer 2011 | Jul 29, 2011
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