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  • Meeting Virtual Tourist friends in Germany For some years now Virtual Tourist members living in Karlsruhe have organised an annual meeting, the Glühwein Meet, to enjoy the Christmas markets together. I have often thought of attending, once plann Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Jan 6, 2020
  • Farewell to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Our tour was over; time to leave Pyongyang and fly back to Beijing on the first leg of our journey home. After a quick breakfast at the Koryo Hotel we said goodbye to our young student guide Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Dec 23, 2019
  • Discover Ky Co Surrounded by limestone structures and shallow clear waters are none other than the island of Ky Co in Vietnam. Find out more about what to see in Ky Co as you read through. Thi Nai Bridge [img= Posted by emmacallum2019 in Discover Ky Co | Dec 21, 2019
  • International friendships ===International Friendship Exhibition=== [center] On the way to the International Friendship Exhibition[/center] After breakfast in the Wedgewood Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Dec 20, 2019
  • A Moment of TimeBefore transferring to Hotel Sportforum I went for another, longer walk round town. My first destination was the Kröpeliner Tor, the tallest city gate, but to get there I walked through a park with a stream which followed the path Posted by 3Traveller in Teaching and Travelling Abroad | Dec 19, 2019
  • (Mostly) on the roadWe were slightly sorry to leave our luxurious accommodation at Masikryong Ski Resort, but we did so with the promise of a similar standard of hotel this evening. Today we faced the longest drive of the tour, with much of Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Dec 15, 2019
  • Up into the mountains===Majon Beach=== [center] Beach at the Majon Tourist Hotel[/center] The bed that had seemed passably soft the night before proved to be less comfo Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Dec 10, 2019
  • A stay on the east coast===Final flight on 'our' Ilyushin Il-18D=== This morning we had our last flight on Kim Il Sung’s former private aircraft, so after checking out of the hotel straight after breakfast we drove to the Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Dec 7, 2019
  • In our country …[center] View from our bedroom, with 'arty' edit[/center] A favourite phrase of our North Korean guides was ‘In our country …’, and perhaps nowhere mo Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Dec 2, 2019
  • Flying north We had spent the morning visiting two final (for now) sights in Pyongyang – Mirae Scientists’ Street and the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum. After a hurried lunch of pizza (yes really – a Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Nov 27, 2019
  • South to the borderAfter a morning spent paying our respects to the Eternal Leaders of the DPRK (see [[|previous entry]]) we left Pyongyang at 2.30 and headed south on the Reunification Highway. [map=1230862 lat=38.51809 lon=126 Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Nov 4, 2019
  • To Pyongyang! ===Flying to Pyongyang=== [float=right] At Beijing Capital Airport[/float]Today was the big day! We w Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Oct 19, 2019
  • Cooler in Cappadocia After last night's storm we had started to become a little paranoid. As we were flying into Kayseri airport, Chris asked if that was lightning he had seen outside. It was just the lights on the wing Posted by kmmk17 in World Travels 🌍 | Sep 29, 2019
  • Sunday afternoon in Beijing[center] Lotus flower in the lake at Bei Hai Park[/center] Leaving the Forbidden City (see [[|previous entry Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Oct 15, 2019
  • Our adventure begins![center] A Bei Hai Park teahouse (taken the following day)[/center] ===Flying to Beijing=== Our tour of DPRK was due to start and finish in Beijin Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's travels | Oct 10, 2019
  • Osaka, JapanOsaka was the city that apparently was made with the shopper in mind! I tell you this… you have never seen a shopping area until you have been to the Dotonbori. To call it massive would be an Posted by tmulcahey in Japan 2019 | Oct 3, 2019
  • Day twelve - back inland to the mountainsWoke up to a wet start to the day. We ditched plans for getting the bus to Batumi and flagged down a taxi instead. It costs 20 lari from Kvariati to Batumi. Traffic wasn’t too busy Posted by Cath_Greig in Caucasus adventures | Sep 9, 2019
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Centre of ViennaIn Vienna for a group induction/ training weekend before moving on to my teaching destination for the next week. The view from my hotel room: [img= thumb=https://phot Posted by 3Traveller in Teaching and Travelling Abroad | Sep 9, 2019
  • Makasutu - Banjul - Gatwick - HomeI lay awake in my bed early this morning, listening to the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer before daybreak. The first rays of daylight brings with them screeching plantain eaters flying through the camp, pigeons cooing in the rafters, Posted by Grete Howard in Grete's Travels | Apr 16, 2019
  • We take the golden road to Samarkand *[center] Desert sunrise[/center] Today we were to travel to perhaps the most famed city of the Silk Road, Samarkand. Would it live up to expectations? Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's (past) travels | Jul 12, 2007
  • Many GlacierDay 2 in Glacier was predicted to be absolutely "pleasant," and we were all about it! Since our brains were still on EST, we knew we would be up before the sun again. So, we planned to head to a different Posted by baecation2016 in Glacier National Park | Aug 19, 2019
  • On the road to Bukhara ===Breakfast in Khiva=== Breakfast was served not in our Khiva hotel but in a restaurant in a nearby madrassah. No complaints about that though – the breakfast was fine, accompanied by pretty good coffee, and served in a striking interior Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's (past) travels | Jul 9, 2007
  • A city frozen in time[center] View of Khiva from the Ark [b]‘Think, in this battered Caravanserai Whose doorways are alternate night and day, How sultan after sultan wit Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's (past) travels | Jul 8, 2007
  • ‘Stone Fortress’: Uzbekistan’s modern capital===Tashkent=== [center] Khast Imam Square, Tashkent[/center] There has been a city here for over 2,000 years, its position on a junction of the Sil Posted by ToonSarah in Sarah's (past) travels | Jul 7, 2007
  • Mount Abu - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer - Gandhinagar - MumbaiWhen you think about Rajasthan, images of majestic forts, palaces and the Thar Desert flashes through the mind. Rajasthan literally means “Land of Kings”. It has been home to the mighty Rajputs who ruled most parts of the region during Posted by Chandra Shekhar in Road Trip to Rajasthan | Jul 17, 2019
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