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  • ¡Bienvenidos!Friends and Family, neighbors and acquaintances, strangers and creepers, welcome all to the travel blog which will document Matt and Sara's monumental spanish journey! This excellent blog will be the instrument which shall document our many s Posted by staley in No Spain No Gain | Aug 23, 2009
  • The Last SupperI had a fabulous last weekend - an aptly named "Farewell Extravaganza" - in the city to culminate my incredible yearlong experience. On Thursday night, a few of us met up and headed to World Bar in Kings Cross, where I Posted by Alykat in Shrimp on the Barbie | Aug 8, 2009
  • getting readySo I am really just getting ready for the first year of many for traveling and learning around the world. Starting in september I will be attending school in Italy for the arts. Working on drawing. I'll be living in Posted by Cathie12 in cathy's visits and the art to see | Aug 9, 2009
  • Out with the Osprey packsThis post is for any of you reading who may be planning a similar trip and wondering what kind of baggage we decided to saddle ourselves with (I know you're out there!). By now you’ve probably read about Mark’s monolithic Posted by The Rymans in Rymans At Large | Aug 5, 2009
  • What To Pack Or Not To Pack - That Is The QuestionMY PACKING list has been shot down to size considerably since the decision to travel was made but even with the sawn-off list I still have a residual guilt that I'm packing too much heat. Originally the adventure was envisioned as Posted by donncha in Where Roads Don't Go | Aug 5, 2009
  • Packing Light Takes MightPACK WHAT you need and then take out half - surely the first and best nugget of wisdom that every new traveller hears and ultimately ignores. I've never met a first-time backpacker who has actually followed this simple travel-as-light-as-possible advice Posted by donncha in Where Roads Don't Go | Aug 5, 2009
  • ПодготовкиОстават 9 дни до тръгване и подготовката кипи със страшна сила. Вече почти всички основни неща сме направили: - поръчани са самолетните билети - днес направихме превода за Лукла-Катманду и до началото на следващата седмица трябва да ги имаме - купе Posted by 100kmvChas in Сибирски Пътепис | Jul 22, 2009
  • OkayI think it's rather pointless to update on this thing. Maybe I will one day when I have massive amounts of time and patience. I've fallen far too behind. In fact, I'm returning home in two days. Posted by CelLung in The Land of the Dragon | Jul 7, 2009
  • Au revoir!Jambo (the only swahili word I know) Wow, this time tomorrow I will be on a plane heading to Kenya with a group of people whom I have never met! At least the worst is now over, packing my rucksack was most Posted by rachel.don in Rachel's Kenyan Adventure | Jun 29, 2009
  • Pre-packing for Trip to MexicoWell here it is 5 days before we leave. I have piles of things to take to Mexico. We are trying to just do the carryon and no checking of bags for easy on and off the plane Posted by gossenbe in Arroyo's On the Go | Jun 26, 2009
  • 5 Days To Go!Wow Thats Insane! 5 Days To Go!!! =] Im Starting To See People Now For The "Last Time" =] Its So Saddd!!! =[ Such A Hectic Few Days Aswell!!!! The Suprise Tomorrow! Racing Sat and Sunday! ... Last Day Monday! Last Chance To Shop And See Posted by hayleymk in Pre Australia 2009 | Jun 25, 2009
  • We are sooo excited to go see Nicole!We are finishing up packing and getting ready to leave for the airport...our flight leaves at 6:15 tonight! Posted by Hailey99 in Haileys European Adventures with Mom | Jun 23, 2009
  • Welcome Everybody!Witamy wszystkich na naszym blogu z podrozy po poludniowo-wschodniej Azji. Zapewne moglibysmy z latwoscia przypomniec sobie sytuacje, w ktorych wyrazalismy nasza dezaprobate o pisaniu blogow. Tym razem jednak jest to ugielismy sie wobec wyjatkowosci s Posted by Frais in departure | Jun 14, 2009
  • Still PlanningProgress Posted by admac in Adrian Sarah & Ellen go on an adventure | Jun 11, 2009
  • The BeginningWe've not just left yet, just planning the whole thing. But.. in a couple of months we wil be heading to france with an old Fent Farmer 102 (tractor). The new way of backpacking! 1000+ km a Posted by Liekele in Fendt to France | May 21, 2009
  • Heading from Here to ThereI'm getting ready, I am just in awe of how much generosity there is for this trip. Thank you so much to those parents and professionals that have donated time, money and gifts for my trip. Now I just need Posted by LeaStoneB in Ukraine JHI | May 7, 2009
  • girl of on the wayHay all you bloggers it’s me girl on the move well here is a big shocker my mom got her heartbroken again were starting of on a new adventure that’s my moms words for running away by some miracle my Posted by royalbabe1 in girl on the move | May 7, 2009
  • Now comes the waiting, and waiting, and waitingSo I'm filling in time before I jump in the car to be driven to the airport. I've never been so well prepared for a trip before! I am packed and ready - and have been since 4.30pm this afternoon. Posted by JanelleK.Woods in Trip of a lifetime through Turkey | May 5, 2009
  • goodbye is too good a word, babegoodbyes are awful. luckily i don't have too many real ones this time around -- many of my good friends are coming with me, and for those who won't, two months will fly. last night, though, i said an indefinite goodbye Posted by ctamler in Wenn schon, denn schon | May 3, 2009
  • Lazy Easter and leaving our homeSaturday 11th April - pleasant (not that we saw any of it) After our fun and money spending in Fernie, we needed a day of relaxing, organising and not spending any money. We started packing away some of our stuff ready Posted by HOODnDIGS in Oh Canada! | Apr 17, 2009
  • Planning our TripYou don’t have to buy carbon offsets or bike across the country to reduce your impact on the environment. All it takes is a commitment to a few easy steps that can collectively make a big difference. By Eric Lucas Posted by tcarrico in Tim & Alexis in South America | Apr 26, 2009
  • PackingWe have two days left and are only JUST getting started packing today!! Eeeks!!! But Tom's patience will balance Chrissy's stress so it will be a-ok! Its hard to believe that in just over 48h we will be leaving Kelowna Posted by tc2009 in Tom & Chrissy Do The South Pacific | Apr 25, 2009
  • Gear gatheringChloe's most important piece of gear (after flip flops) is the backpack she chose for her birthday recently, the Osprey Jib. She also got a water bottle, pen knife (right up there with flip flops, in her view), whistle and Posted by The Rymans in Rymans At Large | Apr 23, 2009
  • CountdownWell everyone, we are down the final countdown!! 5 days before we head off and its pretty nerve wracking! Tom is busy with work and wrapping up some last BK shows while Chrissy is trying to keep it all together. Posted by tc2009 in Tom & Chrissy Do The South Pacific | Apr 21, 2009
  • Two L's?So what's up with two L's in Traveler? If you are like me you suppose you have been spelling it wrong all along. However, "Traveller" is a British form of the yank version of Traveler - or so I'm told Posted by jreuer in Jasonian Adventures | Apr 20, 2009
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