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  • Ashgabat - Dubai - Heathrow - homeAfter breakfast we wander down to the lobby – partly to access the internet, and partly to get away from the drab room. An English-Danish couple approach us, asking if we know anywhere around the hotel to change money. They Posted by Grete Howard in Grete's Travels | Sep 20, 2019
  • Italy and Hungary 2018Well we have done it again. Ruth and I caught the bug in 2009. Our first big trip as a couple was a full nine years ago now, when we 'built' a tour of Europe around a Dragon Boat event. And what Posted by andertonz in Noel and Ruth escape to Europe | Jun 13, 2018
  • Sometimes you just need a rest daySecond day in KL and I had great plans.....yet ended up doing absolutely nothing all day! Haha! I had good intentions, I woke up early with my alarm and was planning on going to see the temples at Batu cave, Posted by bsantos1991 in Southeast Asia 2017 | Oct 9, 2017
  • Loans For Weight Loss Surgery an Economic help Be SlimPills are only among the options that one could select in handling being overweight. But they are not the top people to use. Although, you might constantly set them with other losing body weight processes like exercise and having a Posted by sincereusld in How To Lose Tummy Fat In A Week | Nov 1, 2016
  • Information to Lose Surplus Weight Fast And EasyStarving yourself in order to drop some weight simply fails. Your system does not realize that you are doing it deliberately so it goes into success mode and starts storing fat. In the place of burning fat the human body Posted by burnettfhse in Belly Fat Loss: Easiest Lose Belly Fat F | Oct 27, 2016
  • R & R XcursionsSorry, bad timing with a poor, depressed economy coupled with job loss, R&R Xcursions barely got off the ground. The service is no longer available. Funding to make a proper launch was the largest hurdle and is what now stands in Posted by Cpt_Ron in The Captain's Xpressions | Jul 5, 2011
  • Hip Hopping in BangloreMan the weather is the most amazing this about this city , the [[|weather]] is always around 25 - 30 degree’s from sunny to cloudy and then a bit of rain. It seems like it always rain Posted by Anuj Tikku in Tikku's Travelthon | Oct 3, 2015
  • 13 songs that will make you want to travel ===1. B.o.B - So Good=== Shot in Buenos Aires and lines like "Girl tell me how you feel, oh, What's your fantasy, oh, I see us on a beach down in Mexico" and "spin the globe, wherever it lands that's where Posted by emmaabroad in Australia | May 16, 2015
  • Getting the paperwork in placeLife is getting really busy with work and tucking the yard away for the winter. It's a blustery day and difficult to get much done outside. Time to start making a list and getting as much done ahead of time as possible Posted by travelDIAS in The Travelling Dias' | Oct 26, 2014
  • pre-trip planningWhen I was in primary school I decided I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up, because I loved writing. One day I asked my parents how much it costs to go to university to study journalism. My Posted by elizavdl in UK/Europe 2014 | Oct 16, 2014
  • The PlanI’ve always dreamed of spending more time travelling and having a real adventure. But I’ve always backed out because I’ve been too afraid… Not anymore! A couple of months ago I decided I have to do what I’ve wanted to Posted by Nicola_C in The Adventure Begins | Jun 5, 2013
  • Departure [float=left][/float]The Plan All the planning (or lack of it) has resulted in us leaving the UK on 16th Jan 2013 to head off to Melbourne, Australia for the start of a 1 year working holiday. We will be departing from Heathrow Posted by steve_dani in Australia 2013 | Jan 9, 2013
  • Travel planning for Sri Lanka from IndiaThe visa part.... Tourists travelling to Sri Lanka can use the online Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) mechanism to obtain the visa. A 30 day double entry visa costs 10 USD for SAARC tourists whereas it is 20 USD for other countries. Posted by arunbaliga in Our Bucket List | Dec 15, 2012
  • The Plan. Kind of.“You know, walk the earth, meet people, get into adventures. Like Caine from Kung Fu.”- Jules Winnfield. Well Jules, as tempting as that sounds, I haven’t decided to be a bum. So below is, for the most part, a very rough Posted by Clayton30 in Heiho | Feb 20, 2012
  • About Complete Coverage Dental Options Smile and the earth will smile with you. How genuine! But smiles are only for people who have a set of ideal white teeth. Taking treatment of the teeth generally needs a lot of fiscal concerns. How could Posted by merlinericks24 in Hugo Garcia Ulysses | Sep 21, 2011
  • CRUISE VACATIONCRUISE FACT: Cruises give travelers the convenience of packing and unpacking once, the comfort of a “home away from home” for the duration of the trip, but also the opportunity to visit a multitude of destinations on one vacation. When Posted by Cpt_Ron in The Captain's Xpressions | Sep 11, 2011
  • Prologue1In late 2010, Mom and I were talking about my "landmark" birthday coming in June 2011. I said that I didn't want a party and I didn't need any stuff because it really wasn't a big deal. After thinking about Posted by jadjones in Hawai'i Five Oh! | Jun 24, 2011
  • New Trip: Eastern USA This year I'm going to travel a lot in the United States. My 1-year visa is approved, flight is booked, insurance is payed. On the 4th of April I'm coming to NYC to start a first short road trip to Posted by zoommer in Travel Phorographer's Blog | Mar 19, 2011
  • Planning..Hello Readers, ( Mum and Dad) This is the first entry of our exciting blog which we'll hopefully be keeping as we travel across the Balkans this summer. As you can see on the maps section our route is nearly settled. We will Posted by Stevetheo in The Big Balkan Bonanza | Feb 27, 2011
  • The Planned Route This is the route i plan to take, though its only a rough guide, things may change. Beginning february 13th..... Posted by Stefan.m in Wandering the World | Feb 9, 2011

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