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  • Was this a dream? Getting up at 4am is just wrong! My taxi driver thought so to. We seemed to have ran a red light or two on the way to Yangon airport and we were straddling lanes. I looked at the dr Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jul 20, 2010
  • 5 hours in JakartaWe had a brief encounter with Jakarta. Probably one of the busiest cities I have ever experienced .........intensified further by the heat. We got the cab to take us to the old town. It had a canal system similar to Amsterdam, Posted by Bushra in Flashpacking | Jul 20, 2010
  • Mall rats in YogjakartaMt Bromo – minibus to Probolingo – proper bus from Probolingo (hottest slowest bus ever) – Surabaya – flight to Yogjakarta. After our mammoth road journeys and little sleep and Julian's jet lag, we decided to treat ourselves and stay Posted by Bushra in Flashpacking | Jul 20, 2010
  • Campervan Cruising on the Great Ocean Road!10th May – (Rach’s 25th!) Collecting our two berth ‘hippie’ campervan from Apollo, we drove back to the Melbourne house and loaded our worldly possessions (along with the pilfered food from the market) in to the back and waited for Posted by siandrach in SI & RACH'S WORLD ADVENTURE | Jul 19, 2010
  • India: Mumbai and AurangabadJohn:....and so, our departure from New Delhi and goodbye to Matt and Amanda, our amazingly generous hosts and New Delhi guides. Without their accomodation, good company, air conditioning units and advice, our stay in India would have felt very different. Posted by JohnandJac in Big Trip 09 | Jul 18, 2010
  • Mount Bromo - the more the merrierAll flights were full to Surabaya (the nearest airport to Mt Bromo) so we organised a bus all the way there. We had been informed by the book and the travel agent that the trip would take 7 hrs. A Posted by Bushra in Flashpacking | Jul 18, 2010
  • I was scammed in Yangon. What a turnip! . Had a terrible fright at Bangkok airport, 5am checkin for my flight to Yangon. Where is your visa lady? The stroppy lady at the Airasia counter asked. Shit!!!! ‘ Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jul 17, 2010
  • Straight Back to GO! . So back to Kuala Lumpur then, where I had started my big adventure about two and a half months ago. Was a nice feeling to go back somewhere familiar and m Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jul 17, 2010
  • Travel Karma oh where have you gone? . I had a shit day, a terrible day actually. First, there was a miscommunication over my bus to Perhentions. The Discovery Guest House in Malacca, (I think that is what Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jul 16, 2010
  • The food orgy intensifies! . I am in food heaven. Just when I thought it couldn’t get much better after sampling Singapore’s finest, I find Malacca. Not only the food, this place made me feel in Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jul 11, 2010
  • Can't get no sleep.... I was in for a bit of a culture shock in Singapore. Having now spent over 2 months in SEAsia, Singapore felt much less Asian more a global city, everything Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jul 10, 2010
  • No Place like Nairobi! Jambo Marafiki na Jamaa Yangu kwa Nairobi!!! I hope everyone is doing well so far. I have finally made it to Kenya! I got in around 8:45am Friday, July 2nd into the Jomo Kenyatta Airport where I saw Dr. Kivuva (recognized Posted by WendiBandi in Venturing into Kenya: Wendi's Adventures | Jul 7, 2010
  • Butterfly Valley and traversing the Turkish MedWe decided to drive up the coast from Fethiye, to find Butterfly Valley, an apparently isolated beach only accessible by boat, or by car plus a hike. Boats weren't running at this time of year, so we piled into Posted by JacChalky in Jac & Chalky's Excellent Adventure | Jul 5, 2010
  • Mugla, Eski Datça & Fethiye After saying goodbye to rustic Herakleia, we set off for Fethiye, a popular coastal stop. Thanks to Lisa's organisation (how nice to hand the reins over to someone else for a change) stopped at the small villages of Mugla Posted by JacChalky in Jac & Chalky's Excellent Adventure | Jul 5, 2010
  • Finally, the faffing is overThe cross-ship transfer had, like pretty much everything else, been a bit farcial and poorly planned but had essentially taken place without incident. My bags arrived and our new ship, the MS Westerdam, had an almost identical layout meaning I Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jul 4, 2010
  • Finalized Round-the-World (RTW) ItineraryHey gang... as many of you know, it has been a dream of mine (call it a "bucket list" item if you will) for some time now, to embark on a journey around the world! Although for various reasons, be Posted by nteixeir in Nathans World Tour | Jul 2, 2010
  • From Country Living to City Dwelling!18th April – Arriving to a very quiet train station 3 hours from Melbourne called Sale, we were met by Ben in his pickup truck. Looking like a ‘real farmer’, he definitely gave Si a run for his money in Posted by siandrach in SI & RACH'S WORLD ADVENTURE | Jul 2, 2010
  • missing chancesi felt to dissapointed with myself lately. i failed. i was waiting for my food to be served at an al fresco cafe by the sidewalk. there were two passers-by - an gran with his schoolboy apo. the youngster pointed at the banana Posted by bondabe in mirror + echo | Jul 1, 2010
  • München!And so the travelling begins. We’re going to back this up to about a week and a half ago. If you’ve kept tabs on the pictures, you have a general idea of what’s been going on. But let’s see.. the Posted by Courtster in Courtney: A Foreigner to the World | Jun 28, 2010
  • Germans...When I had gone to sleep, we were docked on the far side of the harbour and just a couple of dozen passengers seemed to be waiting to board. By the time I went to breakfast at 8am, we had Posted by Gelli in Gelli goes South-ish | Jun 24, 2010
  • PortugaliaAMR 2 zile de lucru si incepe vacanta! Vacanta a fost pregatita cu cateva saptamani inainte si deja am avut primele surprize. Si anume Blue Air ne-a anulat zborul Madrid Bucuresti in data de 12 Iulie, deci va trebui sa ramanem Posted by MishaM in De Prin Lume Adunate | Jun 24, 2010
  • Suspicious Mind . I had been warned to be careful travelling to Manila on my own so was feeling a bit nervous. I already had a brief stopover in the city on my way through to Palawan, the Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jun 23, 2010
  • Buko Shake Gate . Puerto Princesa airport turned into a bit of a reunion of various people myself and Christian had met on Palawan Island. This was a very popular flight to Cebu! We met up aga Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jun 23, 2010
  • The Benny Hill Show . So this time on the long bumpy ‘ol road back to Puerta Princesa I had Christian for company. He wasn’t too impressed though it seemed by my music taste, quote ‘I Posted by Spinky in Wherever I May Roam | Jun 23, 2010
  • India: RajasthanJohn:.... The Rajasthan posting was always going to be in two parts. Unfortunately the information super-highway in the Great Thar Desert is more of an information camel track, a little fragile and disappearing under sand at times, so instead this Posted by JohnandJac in Big Trip 09 | Jun 22, 2010
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