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  • Camino Day 27: To Oz[center][/center] Our first stop after a coffee was to go to the Praza do Obradoiro, the center of the old town. In Gallego it’s called “Square of the Workshop”. This Posted by Shantitraveler in Camino de Santiago | Oct 7, 2021
  • Chile - last day in Santiago17th Feb Santiago LA MONEDA AND PLAZA Our last day in Santiago and our last chance to watch the guard changing ceremony. Having taken the metro we arrived in good time, although there were already quite a few people Posted by PetersF in Chile | Mar 28, 2021
  • Chile - Santiago11th Feb Santiago BELLAVISTA We woke to a beautiful sunny day, so we took the metro to Plaza Italia (again), crossed the bridge to Barrio Bellavista and wa Posted by PetersF in Chile | Mar 27, 2021
  • Chile - Santiago pm10th Feb Santiago pm After a coffee break in the museum, we headed round the corner past the Former National Congress Building of Santiago (ex Congreso Nacional), which is the former home of the Chilean Congress. Congress met in this building Posted by PetersF in Chile | Mar 27, 2021
  • Chile - Santiago am10th Feb Santiago in the morning PLAZA We had a reasonable breakfast in the hotel courtyard before setting off down Av Manuel Montt (and more on him later too) to catch the metro to Plaza de Armas. Great metro system:- cheap and Posted by PetersF in Chile | Mar 27, 2021
  • Chile - Santiago9th Feb Arrival in Santiago LASTARRIA We left Heathrow in the evening for our LONG flight over the Atlantic, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and fina Posted by PetersF in Chile | Mar 27, 2021
  • Things I want to Remember: Chile[i]Santiago, Chile 6/23-6/24/19 On my way to the first stop of my trip, lessons begin immediately as I go through security at the Ontario Airport, calling back to the TSA officer who was checking and rechecking my combination flashlight-external Posted by WanderingWorld in Enjoying the Banquet | Aug 13, 2019
  • RTW 2019: Santiago, Chile[center] [/center] 6/23/19 at 2052 Santiago, Chile [center] Posted by WanderingWorld in Enjoying the Banquet | Jun 24, 2019
  • Through the sleet and driving snowDistance Traveled 30,655 miles / 49,334 kilometers 08/07/2017 Silly time of the morning to have to get up, but the 6:00 Flight means we will arrive in Argentina the same day we Leave Australia. So we get up pack and go stand Posted by Petew67 in A Sort Of HomeComing | Aug 8, 2017
  • Colourful ValpoReturning back to Santiago we were excited to be able to meet up with Dries, who was on our 21 day tour through Peru. I convinced the boys that we should take the bus for 1.5 hours over to the Posted by sdyzart in BrimItOn Tour | Feb 26, 2019
  • Vanetine’s GayI would say I’ve done a halfway decent job of being gay. Other than the fact that I am currently dating a woman, I’ve got all the stereotypical stuff down: I talk with my hands, I’m a vegetarian, I know Posted by Tad Kaufman in Queer and Abroad | Feb 18, 2019
  • I’m Here! I’m Queer! My Boxers are Stained!I took my first proper step toward adulthood when I was thirteen; my mom dropped me off at the grocery store with a list, and she told me she would be back in twenty. In my mother’s handwriting, along with Posted by Tad Kaufman in Queer and Abroad | Jan 22, 2019
  • Long flight to LimaWell we are finally in Lima after leaving Adelaide 31 hours ago. An hours delay in Sydney and then a cancelled flight followed by a four hour delay in Santiago have made for a very long and tiring day, Posted by carobedd in Carolyn and Steven go to Peru. | Apr 14, 2018
  • Training UpdateIt is six weeks and counting and I now have three practice 3 hour walks under my belt. I am concentrating on keeping my feet, legs, hips and shoulders in the walk and carry mode. I hope it Posted by LBoyd in Camino 2018 | Mar 26, 2018
  • San Antonio - Day 2 Sunday 1/28After much-needed sleep, we enjoyed breakfast at our hotel and before we knew it, the time had come to leave our fabulous wifi (and the hotel that came with it). We had arranged for a van transfer to the Posted by Cybercsp in Antarctica | Jan 28, 2018
  • Santiago - Day 1 Saturday 1/27Long air flights are the price one must pay/endure for adventure. Our LATAM flight was as decent as a coach flight could be, but after a generally sleepless night, with maybe a 20 minute nap (for me...Charlie always gets Posted by Cybercsp in Antarctica | Jan 28, 2018
  • The Trip BeginsWe left Sydney nice and early on a mild, sunny day. In backpacker mode, we even caught the train, much quicker at peak time. Husband was anticipating trouble as he could not check in online, whilst I already had my seat. Posted by MariaDC in Early days | Oct 20, 2017
  • Santiago and Valparaiso Our guide and driver fetched us this morning for a drive around Santiago and dropping off downtown to wander the streets and look at the buildings and such. Posted by carpefeline in Moais and Other Awesome Things | Apr 12, 2017
  • Back to where it all began===Return to Santiago=== [center][/center] ~ We had been to the Atacama Desert and walked among flamingos, geysers and even “on the moon”. ~ We had been awed by the Posted by ToonSarah in Travel with me ... | Feb 10, 2017
  • Chile aboard Crystal SerenityAfter the typical overnight flight from Atlanta to Santiago, we were met by very helpful Crystal Cruises folks and transported to the Grand Hyatt Santiago, a wonderful 5 star hotel in the middle of the city. Our room was Posted by rpickett in Rusty Pickett, ECC, VTA, LCS, MBA | Feb 8, 2017
  • Camino Day 11: Paella to Picnics [center][/center] When the large group of Spanish students was seen settling in the main hostel room last night, I presumed that I would be in for a less than peace Posted by Shantitraveler in Camino de Santiago | Feb 6, 2017
  • Camino Day 10: Ten More Klicks [center] [/center] Stretched out lazily in bed after sleeping in, sans early pilgrim exodus and a set check out time of Posted by Shantitraveler in Camino de Santiago | Jan 31, 2017
  • Looking down on Santiago===Exploring the city=== Having spent the morning in the area in and around the Plaza de Armas, and climbed the small hill of Cerro Santa Lucia (see [[http://toonsarah.travellerspoin Posted by ToonSarah in Travel with me ... | Jan 16, 2017
  • Santiago de Chile===Exploring the city=== Street musician in Providencia Our first challenge on the first day of our visit to Santiago was to change some money. It’s quite Posted by ToonSarah in Travel with me ... | Jan 12, 2017
  • Now that jacarandas are in bloom …===Travelling to Santiago=== [float=left]Santiago is perhaps the most modern and therefore least historically interesting of South America’s capital cities, and Posted by ToonSarah in Travel with me ... | Jan 11, 2017

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