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  • Aveiro to Porto Time to head to Porto! We decided to make the most of our train ride to Porto by stopping at Aveiro. We took the Alfa Pendular from Entrecampos which is the high speed train and it took us a Posted by E.M.N in Adventure Is Out There! | May 2, 2022
  • Kokkeriet – CopenhagenLooking back through my collection of Images from my Travels and whilst this Covid lock down is still preventing many from travelling, I thought I would revisit and offer some of the experiences, which were highlights at the time. Reliving Posted by TheJohnsons in Europe | Sep 18, 2020
  • The Star That Wished Upon YouBiking on the tiled roads of Rome at night; Lost, somewhere in-between everlasting ruins And far reaching stone pines, You slither down toward nearby alleys Shunning the echoing hubbub from the valleys. You don't mind the silence When you r Posted by KrimFiction in Krim's Fictions | Sep 8, 2020
  • Beaches and CavesIt was good that we had rested a bit, as we were off to a long drive the next morning. I had always planned to spend our last week in New Zealand in Northland. We passed through an area that Posted by dreiumdiewelt in Our travel stories from around the world | Mar 19, 2017
  • The Hong Kong StoryMy schedule is pretty off so I woke up pretty early today and was super hungry for some classic Chinese macaroni soup. So we went to Cafe de Coral which is a huge chain that sells food in like Posted by E.M.N in Adventure Is Out There! | Nov 28, 2016
  • Lone Star StateWe leave Lafayette around 11 and stop by a local produce store for bananas and coffee. The sun beats down hot and strong, and boils the water from the bayous into the air. My hair is contained, a last Posted by MiriG in Post-College Stress Disorder | Jun 11, 2015
  • Rome and star warsToday was supposed to be a sightseeing day but the tour didn't have enough people to start. So I ended wandering I the palentino and the Roman forum. To think that hundreds of years ago people lived in such Posted by egarciafreites in Enrique and his eurotrip | May 8, 2014
  • All roads lead to RomeI woke up this morning n a rush becausw i hadnt really checked what time the trains were leaving from brugge to amsterdams. I had to catch a flight from Schipol to italy the day after. I bid adieu Posted by egarciafreites in Enrique and his eurotrip | May 3, 2014
  • Embarkation DayPorters immediately take our luggage, and we enter the cruise terminal. It's about 12:15, and there are no lines at all. We walk immediately up to the counter for check-in. At check in, we are asked to fill out a form Posted by Zukini in Zukini's Travels | Mar 10, 2013
  • Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel - Day 2There was no backing out of it. I had said I’d do it, I was committed, but that didn’t mean I had to like it. My itinerary listed ‘bicycle ride’ on Day Two… which had looked easy enough on paper. But Posted by kevinmarkham in Wherever Golf May Lead | Aug 7, 2012
  • My Thai Honey MoonMarrying your sweetheart is full of fun especially when you get to plan you honeymoon together much before your wedding. Both of us love to travel and love beaches so when it came to figure out a honeymoon destination Thailand Posted by wander-in in Wander-In | Jun 21, 2012
  • Gwangju Haul [And by the way, the poster was free because I'm whiter than white :3 Being white in Korea is awesome. They don't see that many foreigners in the more distant parts of Korea, so when you p Posted by Anon of Holland in A Dutchman in Korea | Oct 12, 2011
  • startrails Posted by gringos4 in gringosphotography | Mar 13, 2011
  • MalaysiaWe stayed in Penang near Love Street. Love Street is where the prostitutes hang out, not pretty girly boys like in Thailand but Indian men with five o Posted by Travelluv in Fantastic Places I've Traveled | Feb 17, 2011
  • Hong KongWith packs on backs, for about the first time, Niamh and I head for the Maglev train. In anticipation of this and with a realisation that we have too much stuff we had taken an hour or so in Posted by steve1000 in Sniamh | Oct 24, 2010
  • Fort McHenry and the American Visionary Art MuseumWell, we finally made it to [[|Fort McHenry]] (also known as the 'Star Fort') and also to [[|The American Visionary Art Museum]] . It was a beautiful day weather wise, and I can see why so many people Posted by NancyA in Nomad Grandma | Aug 29, 2010

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