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  • Tangier Morocco.....An interesting attraction buried deep in Tangier's ancient sprawling medina is the tomb of 14th century world traveller Ibn Battouta, difficult to find but with some determination and the help of informal directions painted on walls leading up to Posted by Bennytheball in Tangier Morocco..... | Oct 28, 2019
  • Top 4 of Tangier[center]Top 4 of Tangier 1. Going back to Fuengirola 2. Guy from the coffee house 3. Guy who sold fridge magnets 4. The good luck tree[/center] I might need to open up that Top 4 a little bit, don’t you think? We tried to make it a Posted by hennaonthetrek in hennaonthetrek | Mar 24, 2019
  • Cafe el Hafa, Marshan, Tangier, Morocco.This surviving relic of the notorious "Interzone" decades was established in 1921, carved out of the rocky slope on the plateau of Hafa in the upmarket Marshan district it features several plantation terraces with seating and tables, there is a Posted by Bennytheball in Tangier, Morocco. | Oct 30, 2018
  • Tangier Morocco.......[i Posted by Bennytheball in Medersa Bouanania, Fes, Morocco. | Nov 21, 2017
  • Rock of Gibraltar and Costa del SolWe had another small adventure leaving Seville as, without my driver's license (stolen in Paris) my reservation for a car could not be used. Luckily Debbie was also a Hertz Gold Card member and we finally got a car. Trying Posted by randjb in Retirement Road | Jul 24, 2017
  • TangierThe FRS Iberia ferry leaves from Tarifa, Spain, to Tangier, Morocco every other hour on the hour and you arrive in Africa 35 minutes after leaving Spain. Their website is fantastic and you can easily book and reserve tickets Posted by Restless Mama in From the Alentejo to Andalucia | Jun 16, 2015
  • Magnifique Maroc What an amazing two weeks I have had! I don't even know where to start except that Morocco exceeded by expectations by far! I decided to book the trip to Morocco last minute in an attempt to escape the cold Posted by melpage in Not all those who wander are lost... | Jun 20, 2014
  • The Inn of Disappointment[float=left][/float]We awoke to sunshine (finally!), and eager to get out in it, we packed up and were out of our place within an hour and a hal Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | May 8, 2013
  • Morocco Day 2 (Part 2)[float=left][/float]During the church service, it was interesting to be in the minority. Aside from us, there were a handful of British people Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Dec 19, 2012
  • Morocco Day 2 (Part 1)[float=left][/float]On our leaving day from Morocco we woke at 8, or at least I did. My mom and dad were complaining abou Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Dec 19, 2012
  • Morocco Day 1 (Part 2)[float=left][/float]Why do you visit Tangier? To shop in the market of course! This means haggling; a practice as old as commerce itself but it seems to hav Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Dec 19, 2012
  • Morocco Day 1 (Part 1)[float=left][/float]We woke up much earlier than we would have liked today, about six in the morning. We were told this was necessary in Posted by KZFamily in Travelling Family | Dec 19, 2012
  • Love, Moroccan Style in Tangier=="I want you to go out into the world and enjoy yourself sweetheart." == That's what my mom Merrily told me a few weeks before she went to the spirit world. When everything calmed down, I remembered her giving me Posted by JaymeBarrett in Infuse Your Spirit | Aug 14, 2011
  • April 2, 2011The day in Tangier started early, This time at 7:30. After a hearty breakfast, around the table, We went out again for a tour of the city and gable. The sights of the Strait of Gibraltar was quite awesome to see, Where Portugal at Posted by OttawaHennaLady in Morocco 2011 | Apr 3, 2011
  • April 1, 2011Woke up at 11 and had a great brunch, But looked at the time and it was almost Jummah salah so had a time crunch. The household got ready, made wudu before walking down the street, Just a few houses down was the Posted by OttawaHennaLady in Morocco 2011 | Apr 3, 2011

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